If it ain’t raining, it ain’t training!

She watched the drop of rain fall from the edge of the green plastic sheet above her. Every so often, the small puddle that formed near the edge would empty its contents and form a thin silver string that connected with the puddle at her feet.  Despite sitting on her pack, the cold had worked its way into the underside of her damp legs.  She involuntary shivered.  Her friends had laughed at her when she said that she wanted to sign up at as army volunteer.
“You’re a vet Jo, not a bloody soldier,” her best friend had remarked.
On reflection, if she had known that she would first have to do the ‘soldier’ piece first before looking after military dogs and horses, the deal would have been off.  This was a waste of time, sitting a hole in the ground in the middle of the Wiltshire countryside at 2am.  She pulled at the fingers of a wet glove she wore with her teeth to prise it off.  The wet leather released foul tasting water into her mouth which she immediately spat out.
“You should try chewing that, it will be hours until breakfast,” a voice said in the darkness of the hole.

Ben had partnered up with her on Friday night before they left the barracks. He had been a reserve for three years and admitted to her that each year was always going to be his last, however, when the time came he just soldiered on because he secretly enjoyed it, despite the cold eating into his bones just now.  Jo thought he was good company both in terms of his knowledge and good sense of humour.  She also fancied him on the quiet.
“Fuck this, I’m freezing and I want my mum” he mumbled.
Jo burst out laughing and offered him half her chocolate bar.
“Hey Mummy’s boy, have a sweetie to keep your spirits up.”
His response was to just open his mouth and allow a slab of lovely tasting chocolate to be pushed into it.  The two sat in silence and enjoyed the brief respite of the small coco flavoured pleasure to give them a quick high.

“I spy with my little..”
“Oh do give over Ben,” she said smiling.
“Do you know what I would love to be doing now Jo?”
“Sleeping in a warm bed I imagine.”
“That and wrapped up warm with naked girl,” he said longingly.
“What type of girl would you have in your bed then?”
Ben hesitated, and with mischief said, “Oh, someone who would really appreciate it, like a vet, dressed as soldier, cold and wet and desperate.”
“I’m not fucking desperate you cheeky thing,” Jo fired back, noticing her temperature rising.
“Being a bit presumptuous aren’t we. Did I say it was you?  I happen to know a lot of female vets in the reserves.”
Jo smiled. “And are all these vets cold and wet right now?”
“Probably not.  You are, so I suppose it will have to be you.”
“Who would have thought the last of the great romantics would be found in two inches of water in a six foot trench in the middle of no-where?”
They both laughed as they leaned in and rested against each other.  The rain continued to fall and the rest of the world seemed to be asleep. Ben leaned over to kiss her on the chin, but only managed the collide with each others helmet.  She looked at him in the eye and bounced her helmet off his.
“Go for it Casanova,” she said with more confidence than she felt.

Ben propped his rifle against the trench wall and slipped out of his webbing. The weight of the rations, blank ammunition and water bottles pulled it off easily. Jo watched him, not believing, but hoping he would go through with it.  With wet gloved hands he fumbled with his belt buckle and buttons.
“Oh for fuuucks sake!” He cursed
Jo leaned forward and with ungloved hands made short work of releasing him. She pulled his trousers down as far as they would go for a man on his knees. Despite the cold, his cock was managing very well. With both hands she pushed Ben on to his back and into the standing water in the trench.
“Oh my god, it’s f…….” He started to complain, however, Jo’s warm mouth closing over his cock made him take a sharp intake of breath.

Jo finally made it out of her gear and with great effort got her trousers in a similar position.
“Get on all fours,” Ben ordered her.
“Oh I love it when take charge,” she laughed. But her laughter stopped right there. She was pushed forward with her head held inches from the water by the scruff of her collar. Cold hands explored arse cheeks and between her legs. She wanted it to stop but wanted his cock more.  Finally, after losing balance twice and splashing around, Ben’s cock pushed into her. It was cold at first and sort of hurt but she clenched him tight and warmed things up.

Kneeling in a puddle, at 2am in three inches of muddy water Jo was fucked so hard she almost cried. On more than one occasion her face was pushed into the water but she didn’t care. She was cold, covered in mud and so turned on it was difficult to distinguish between squelching of her knees in the mud or Ben’s cock hammering into her. Her orgasm came unannounced; she wanted to cry out but was aware that half the platoon would hear her.  Instead she forced her self onto one hand and pushed the back of the other into her mouth.  She was aware of Ben coming but didn’t really care as her body was still managing its own business!
As they kneeled in the cold recovering from what took place, the sound of a sleeping bag unzipping brought them round.
“Shit, it’s stag duty change”, Ben whispered.
As quickly as they could they redressed and grabbed their rifles.

Ten minutes later Jo was in her own sleeping bag. It was beginning to warm up now that her wet clothes were off and dry ones on. The rain continued to fall, tapping out a nondescript rhythm on the shelter she was confined too. It slowly pushed her into sleep and Jo’s last thought was whether or not she like being a reserve soldier. For now she reckoned it wasn’t going to get much better than this!

By Monday morning the memory of freezing her bum off in a trench was fading fast. She looked down at her hands which told the tale of weekend’s activities.  Dirt still remained under one of her nails and the back of her hands showed tiny scratch marks from gorse bushes. The real give away was knees and legs. She wouldn’t be swimming for a while not with the bruises from continually crawling around on her knees in a trench.  Apart from Ben, the weekend was terrible.  She let out yawn and tried to cover her mouth with the back her surgically gloved hand.
“Sorry folks, I didn’t get a lot of sleep over the weekend.”
Her two theatre assistants looked at each other and smiled.
“You two have sex on the brain,” she playfully scolded them.
“Did action-woman get any ‘action’ this weekend one of them asked.
“I can’t really say too much, you know, all hush-hush military stuff, although I did discover a unique way to stop thinking about the cold.”
“Do tell,” said the cheeky assistant, who was holding a customer’s dog’s testicles in one hand.




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