I don’t know about you, but there are times, even when things generally could be a lot better, I feel closer to my partner. I said partner when I meant Missy, but that would imply that you too felt closer to her too. Maybe some of you do, or would like to as I recently discovered, he says with a wry smile….

As you may know, we were away this weekend and despite the kink event we attended not going exactly how we entirely envisioned it, the whole experience was really enjoyable. We had time to talk in the long car journey uninterrupted, no kids and no dog etc. We just did our thing and it was nice to feel WE were still there. This isn’t some rose tinted glasses post, just a genuine observation of who we are.

I often wish for more time alone to play with Missy in many ways, however, I did listen to a lady who is free of kids and she said her problem was that her and her husband always seemed to put off play until tomorrow, which rarely comes. I therefore deduced that you need to make the best of what you have. Grass being greener and all that.

And so our weekend soon became the next week full of all the trappings that comes with domestic bliss. I discovered that I had some clarity in not only where our D/s could go in the future, but also how I could take it there. I do tend to loose sight of things, and sometimes it’s the most important thing! Whilst weekends full of seminars and meeting new people are great, it is more often what, or should I say who, is right under your nose is the most interesting thing that bring surprises and inspiration.  Plan for the future but live for the moment someone once said, and I couldn’t agree more!

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