One Afternoon In Schiphol Aiport

I’m on my travels again, Thailand this run.  Plenty of time to reflect during the layover at Schiphol Airport and then the 12 hour flight to Bangkok.  Sitting here in the lounge with a bowl of nuts and a white wine it’s a cozy place. You could snooze here quite easily and miss the flight, however, that is not to be. My colleague is sitting opposite me typing furiously into his laptop trying to do 3 jobs at once. That was me 3 years ago, but not anymore. I thought I missed that, but looking at his furrowed brow and knowing that at least half of the flight ahead he will be drafting a tender for the Company’s next venture, I don’t miss that bit at all. I’m the shiney spanner brought out when needed and put back when finished. Office politics evade me.  I have nuts, wine and you; who could want more?

Last night missy and I played. She was caned and brought to orgasm more than once. She was hungry for it, greedy even. The event had been agreed earlier that morning, and she asked a few times if it would go ahead.  Knowing I was going away and that my head would be full of pre-travel planning, she was right to check in. It kept me focused by her showing her eagerness. A double edged sword I think, which paid off.  Even before I started with the cane I saw she was hyper sensitive to my touch, always a good sign I remembered thinking with a smile.  An orgasm would be very easy to achieve, so I decided that 2 would be a minimum. By the time the first had ripped through her body, her arse was red and raised. Rolling her over she pulled her mouth on to me and willingly choked herself. She couldn’t get enough and pulled me deeper into her.  What would her friends say if they new she could be such a cock hungry woman? It was truly exhausting to watch, and fantastic to receive.

I am left with those thoughts from last night, the smells, tastes and feeling still produce a stiring within me. I would much rather be at home, and yet this period of time away, when used proactivly, do allow focus on the important things in life.  I have a week of planning ahead of me for missy’s return to school, and a long awaitied Kink event next weekend. Where am I going to find the time to do any work I wonder?

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