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I’ve not posted in sometime. A literary desert as it were. Most of the time inspiration is readily available, and usually because I have something to say about it. I’ve just not had the inertia for it, until today that is!  No, it’s not a rant, although, since buying a dog and walking her, I have noticed the amount of dog mess left by owners….I wont go there as it makes me angry!

Actually, I was walking the dog when I saw this sign attached to local electrical power sub-station. It made me smile because of the conatation, but then I started to think.

I do spend an inaudiate amount of time watching missy.  I don’t just mean being aware of her in the room, I mean actually having my eye on her.  I’m not sure she’s aware of it, but I do it a lot. She is great to look at, and I don’t mean just in terms of beauty. It’s looking beyond that and seeing what she is doing, saying and thinking. Missy wears her emotions as plain as day on her face. When she’s upset her bottom lip flattens out and when she’s really horny her eyes sparkle. I’m sure you see the same sort of things in your partner.

My time spent watching can often be when she is asleep. Not just her face but her curves, skin and hair capture my attention. When she is awake and interacting with the children or other people I see even more of her. Everyday is a learning day as they say.

I have a fantasy where I would like to watch missy playing sexually with other people. This comes from the interest I have with her reactions and her ability to overcome things she is unsure about; also the fact that I am kinky.  I know deep down missy would, under the right circumstances, be up for anything. We do spark off one another and I can see how two people can become addicted to a single idea despite the risks.  It’s about knowing the other person well, and at the same time not knowing everything.

I could tell you what I see when I look at her, and yet that would do her an injustice because I know the people she interacts with see far more. You may have met her face to face or interacted with her on line, and each of you take away something that is important to you. Now this post is not designed to place missy on a pedestal as I know she would find that uncomfortable. Although I believe my observations to be true, I’ll throw a white sheet over her for now to save her further discomfort!

My post is really about what you see in your partner. Not just the visual, but the person underneath, their wants and needs too.  The other evening we shared a conversation at the SWC about What’s & Why’s.  The crux of the chat focussed on understanding why someone has been asked to do something. “What’s my motivation?” asked the sub. That’s probably a bit too strong when seen written down, however, understanding ‘why a what’ is happening is important. As a child in school, mathematics proved to be frustrating for me because the teacher would not apply the formular to everyday life.  If he had told be that working out the area of a space could be used to save you money when buying a carpet too big, it make have made more sense. Unfortunatly I stopped listening to teachers at the age of 14 as my grade cards will clearly show, however, I did marry one!

There are lots of peole giving advice on D/s. Some people tell you that if it isn’t done one way then it wont work. Obviously that is total rubbish and when we take time to look at one another and discuss what we think and what we observe, we create our own individual form. A form that is fluid and rolls with the punches of life, one that make allowances and embraces tolerance. D/s isnt about a book, it’s about using your senses to make the best decision you can at the time. Just keep listening, and of course, always watching!





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