Face to Face


“If you find a couple of diamonds, save one for me,” her editor called out as she ran out of the door, late as usual.
Being asked to write a piece on coal mining was not on the top of her list for prize winning journalism, however, when she was told that the last working mine in Scotland was closing down, it had possibilities.  Human factors, impact on the community, and a ghost town in the making.  Sally had done her homework on pit closures, with the majority focussing on the miner’s strike in the 1980’s under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  It was emotionally fueled material and gave very little insight into the wider impact of those services who supported the industry. That would be the line she would take, if there was in fact any story.

She managed to get hooked up to first class wifi on the train and after two gin and tonics settled into some private surfing. ‘Hot Miners’ produced lots of images depicting Asian men trapped in a mining accidents. That was not what she was looking for, especially when she would be going into a mine in a few hours time. It made her shiver, just the thought of it.  ‘Miners Muscles’ and ‘Miners with big Cocks’ only threw up gay porn.  This was more challenging that she thought. After a few attempts she gave up and opened her personal photos folder. With a mixture of gin and images of previous naked boyfriends, her hand soon slipped under the table and into her small white knickers.  She was never going get off on a train, but the dreamy alcoholic feeling kept her very close and passed the time.

Gathering her bag and adjusting her underwear, she alighted from the train on to a small platform neatly painted in red and green.  Dark wooden tubs full of brightly coloured flowers adorned the station floor and was complimented by hanging baskets spilling over with trailing plants.  A voice from behind made her jump,
“It is Sally?” asked a man wearing a blue two piece uniform. She smiled and nodded.

The journey the colliery only took 15 minutes.  The guy who had collected her from the station worked in the yard, and not ‘down pit’ as he called it.  He was friendly and optimistic that the mine would get a stay of execution.
“The Chinese are interested we’ve been told,” he said.
Sally had not read anything about the mine being saved but chose to keep that to herself.
“I was told I would get to go down the mine, sorry, pit,” she shouted over the noise of the Land Rover engine.
“Aye,  we are only running 8 hour shifts from 5am at the moment so the pit is now closed.  Gary and Neil will be taking you down. It’s safer when there is no moving machinery for you,” he shouted back.

“Sally, this is Gary and Neil, they are your guides for today.  They will show where you can change and give you a safety brief.  You’re in good hands.”
Sally looked at the two men, both stood just under 6 feet tall and were black from coal dust.  The two things that stood out were their white teeth when they smiled and bright orange coveralls. I was quite sexy in an industrial sort of way.
“Right Sally, let’s get you sorted out with safety gear and then we have a quick safety video for you to watch. There will be questions afterwards,” Gary said with a cheeky wink.

The changing area was clean in a worn-in-grime sort of way. Hanging up were 3 sets of new orange coveralls, 3 sets of boots and a white helmet. Gary had said that she should find something that would protect her albeit not an exact size. From her bag she pulled a thick pair of socks as suggested for the boots.  She dug around looking for the other recommended item but couldn’t see it. She was sure she had rolled up her old t-shirt with the LONDON’S CALLING emblazoned across the front.
“Fuck,” was her only comment. She would have manage without.
She had been given a thick white plastic bag to place her clothes into when changed. To avoid getting her feet dirty she decided to stand on it as she disrobed.  After placing everything neatly folded into the bag, Sally stood barefoot in her matching bra and knickers. Maybe white wasn’t the best colour when going to a coal mine she thought.
“Are you all done in there Sally?” called a voice.
“Yes thank you,” she replied automatically without really thinking what she was saying, just as someone stepped in the changing area.
“Jeez, I’m sorry Sally, I thought you were, well, I leave you to finish, sorry,” said the guy introduced as Neil.

Sally dressed quickly and strapped up her boots which were easily two sizes to big. She clumped her way to the door but stopped short when she heard her name being used.
“What do you mean you saw her tits?” said, what she recognised as Gary.
“She was wearing nothing but bra and knickers, white they were!”
“You’re a lucky bugger man, was she hot?”
“Oh mate, I tell you, I’ve seen loads of birds naked but she is something out of a magazine. I would love to tap that”
Sally put her hand on the wall and took a deep breath. She was shocked how sexy that conversation made her feel. Normally building site banter about women made her angry, it was derogatory, and yet, this was about her and they were unaware she was listening.
“Sally, are you done yet!”

After a terrible short safety video, that was obviously made when the mine was originally dug, they left the administration building and walked across a wide open yard. Sally thought is was bigger than a football pitch easily, but instead of green grass the ground was jet black with puddles of inky water in them. Every now and then they would stop to allow a large, once yellow, truck pass by. It huge wheels slamming in to water filled holes sending arks of filthy water in all directions. This place was truly ugly she thought.

“Right Sally, we need to kit you out with breathing apparatus before we go down. There’s only going to be the three of us under ground, and Bobby, who you met earlier at the station. He’s going to be our safety man up top.

The harness carrying the air tank was slipped over her arms whilst one of the men held the weight of the tank as support. It was like a mesh waistcoat with a big heavy-duty zip up the front, a face mask contained in a bag connected by a black tube to the tank behind her. There was a yellow box attached near her left collar-bone that looked like a large rubber mobile phone. Neil saw her looking at it.
“It’s a modern-day Canary.”
She half understood what he meant, “How does it work?” she asked.
Neil picked up a metal bottle from a nearby shelf with a trigger attached. A long clear tube extended from the trigger and at the other end a black piece of plastic hung.
“Press the blue button Sally, and when the beeping stops put the black plastic clip here,” he pointed the correct position. Sally did as she was told and watched Neil press the trigger on the bottle.  immediately a high-pitched noise came from the monitor which made her jump. Neil stepped forward, detached the clip and reset the alarm.
“Bump test over,” he said smiling.  He did have a nice smile she noted.
“Why is it called a bump test?”
Gary was still behind her adjusting her safety straps.
“All Neil did was inject a mixed gas on to your gas monitor, just to test it. It’s standard procedure. In the old days when real canaries were used to detect gas in the mine the miners used to bump the cage against lift doors before going down to make sure the bird was alive. No point taking a dead gas detector down a mine!”

Once Sally was strapped in and her helmet light checked, she waited whilst her two escorts performed the same routine safety checks in silence. She supposed they had performed this procedure so many times before is was just second nature.  With the sound of gas alarms still ringing in her ears they walked her over to the check point at the top of the mine where Bobby was standing reading a well-thumbed copy of OK magazine.  He saw them coming and shoved the grubby piece of journalism into gap in the bars.
“All ready then? he said smiling.
Neil took the plastic card from a pouch on Sally’s jacket and handed it and his own to Bobby. They were swiped through a machine with a bleep for thanks. Gary did his and turned to Sally,
“It’s just to make sure we know where you are, it’s nothing to worry about.  So, one final thing, if at anytime you want Neil and I to stop just use the safe word ‘OUT’ and we’ll come straight out of the mine.” He looked at her waiting for a response but all Sally could focus on was that he had said, ‘if you want Neil and I to stop, just use a safe word.’
“Sally! Did you get that. Sally?”

At first the cage seemed to descend quiet quickly, all three occupants standing shoulder to shoulder like sardines in an over sized can.  Inch by inch, foot by foot the lift travelled at a steady pace, down, down, down.  Sally’s feeling of claustrophobia only started to creep under her skin when the temperature started to rise.
“Feel that Sally, you’re getting closer the earth’s core.”
Gary was right, she had read that mines became warm the deeper you went. The change was only subtle, but in all this safety gear, helmet and nervous energy, moisture started to form in the small of her back. She looked across at Gary on her left, he had coal dust engrained around his neck and the back of his ears. He had attempted to remove some of the grime at some point from his face which gave him quite sexy pronounced cheek bones.  For the first time, she noticed he had dark green eyes that were the colour of traffic signals when illuminated by the tunnel navigation lights. The vibration from the motors, his flashing green eyes and the rugged good looks made her cunt muscles clinch. She gasped as she felt warm sticky liquid seep into her knickers; she stood motionless savouring the odd experience. Now this is the type of miner I wanted on the train she thought.

A loud clang and a shuddering halt shook her from her moment.
“Welcome to paradise madam!” said Neil as he threw open the cage’s double doors.

The bottom of the mine was not how she had expected. It was wide open space with a huge suspended arched ceiling. Machinery of all descriptions stood lined up and metal rails on the floor travelled in various directions.
“Wow! That’s impressive,” Sally said.
Neil walked ahead, “Come on then, let’s take this lady for the ride of a life time,” he shouted half laughing over his shoulder.
They had been walking around the mine floor for about 20 mins when Sally asked if she could stop for a drink.  Neil agreed and said that there was water point quite near by which would be good place to take a break.  When they exited a small link tunnel, Sally saw an area with a few old wooden benches and a stand-pipe attached to the wall that was fed from above.  The two guys had dropped back and were chatting when she arrived at the tap.
“Can I drink this water from the tap?” she called.
Gary gave the thumbs up signal to confirm all was well.
“We need to check in Sally!” Gary shouted, and was pointing to an orange telephone unit by the mouth of another tunnel.  Sally smiled and gave a thumbs-up to copy him.

The safety vest she wore was heavy and tight across her boobs. She supposed not many women worked down the mine and for sure would have special cut vests if they did.  She unzipped it all the way open to get some relief but instead of relaxing, the air bottle’s weight pulled the vest right off forcing her arms to be trapped behind her. She struggled to regain control, however, she only managed fall backwards off the bench with her legs in the air.  She lay there quite still and then started to laugh. She must look so stupid being anchored to the floor one mile underground.

Gary and Neil were taking ages to come back. She listened for their voices but could only hear her heart beating in her ears.  How long had she been laying there she wondered.  After some time she started to worry and tried wiggling out of the heavy vest. Most of the poppers on the front of her coveralls had come undone in the process as she wormed her shoulders free of them. This was hard work, and with nothing to hold on to, her options were limited and vanity wasn’t one of them.  Finally she released herself and twisted round on to her knees to stand up.  With her oversized coveralls now around her knees she bent over to pulled them up.  From behind her she heard a muffled laugh and knew instantly she had an audience, and probably for some time.

Pulling her clothing around her waist she turned around to find Neil and Gary sitting on a bench opposite. They sat very close to one another she noticed, and it wasn’t until she regained her bearings did she that Gary’s hand was inside Neil’s clothing.
“He was right, you do have great tits.” Gary said, shoulder bumping his friend.
Sally looked down at her now black streaked bra. The whiteness that remained gleamed in the low light.
“That’s twice I’ve heard that today,” she said sarcastically.
“Have you lost your keys Gary?”  Sally gestured towards the hidden hand.
“No, but I have found something we could both be interested in,” he replied.
Sally wasn’t prepared for where this was going, but had a feeling where she wanted it to go.  Neil untangled himself from Gary and stood up.
“If you want to play our game you will need to strip, if not, we can say no more and get back to the surface.”
Sally was not going to turn down a chance like this, two bi-miners, underground and undisturbed.  This was going to be interesting, and certainly a story in the making, although definitely for different editor!

“I’m half way there boys, and besides, it looks like you’ve started without me,” she said with a fake firmness.
The two men dropped their safety vests and peeled away their coveralls down to their ankles. Both were visibly very strong although not of athletic build.  They looked solid and round, like a rugby front row.  Their skin shone white like ivory in comparison to black coal faces.  Gary had taken his shorts down with his coveralls and his cock arched upwards like a banana. It was slightly larger than her average, and yet so hard it looked like it would hurt you.  Neil’s hand stroked under the shaft making the keeper rise in his boots.  Sally had never witnessed two men before, it was actually fucking hot.
“Suck his cock,” she said without thinking.
“Come and help me then if you’re that keen.”
She took the few paces towards the half naked men, almost with caution.  Her knickers were wet and she felt quite ashamed of the slickness down there.

Neil roughly sucked on his work mate’s cock, far more aggressively than she would Sally thought. He wanked him with a firm grip and sucked the swollen end hard making Gary take a sharp intakes of breath.
“Drop your clothes,” Gary panted to Sally.
She need no further encouragement and rolled the remainder down to her large boots and knelt on the bunched up roll of coveralls.  Leaning forward she took Gary’s balls in one hand slowly applied downward force. A hand grasped the back of her head and pushed her face close to base of the now rock hard cock. Neil continued to concentrate on the swollen end leaving room for Sally to lick and nibble the shaft of Gary’s cock.  Consumed with sheer incorrectness of the situation and the smell of sex about her face, her heart jumped a beat when thick fingers quickly pulled aside her thin knickers and plunged into her now swollen wet hole.  They went deep and stroked the upper most sticky parts of her cunt. It was overwhelmingly good, and to such an extent she pushed down on the big firm hand to get more.
“Dirty girl,” one of the men said, and that was enough for a wave to wash through her.

She was carried to large heavily built picnic table, the sort you find in a pub beer garden.  unceremoniously, Sally was dumped flat on her back and dragged until her head hung over the edge.  Being treated in such an uncaring way pressed so many buttons. She knew what was going to happen and stretched her neck to accept the cock standing visually inverted before her.  The table creaked as another cock proud man mounted wooden structure. Her knickers were broken at the sides and discarded into the blackness of the mine.  For one fleeting moment she remembered that her underwear had cost her a lot of money, however, that broken when she heard both men utter something under their breaths.  Sally’s body was wracked suddenly as her mouth and cunt were simultaneously filled with cock in a slow methodical way. She gasped for breath through her nostrils as the cock slid out, only to be cut short as it was pushed back in. The men were working in unison like to lumberjacks sawing a felled tree in half. Back and forth they worked her,  a mile underground with blackened hands about her now exposed nipples and clit.

The two miners ignored her gestures to slow down, they forced themselves into harder with every thrust. Her mind and body seemed to separate from her, she was in a place that she did not want to leave despite the force with she was being fucked.

Her orgasm arrived without warning. It crashed through her body with so much violence that she almost threw the rider between legs off the table. She arched her back and tried to cry out but the need she had to be filled further only made her throw her arms up and pull Gary’s arse towards her. She was choking, starved of oxygen and repeatedly coming.  Release came when her mouth seemed to fill with hot fluid from the capture’s balls.  She coughed and spunk ran down her upturned cheeks and to her hair and she gasped for breath; and still Neil slammed into her cunt with so much force their connecting sweaty skin sounded off like gun shots into the darkness.  She could not take much more abuse through fear of passing out, and just when white lights started to pop before her closed eyes, Neil cried out. He shuddered to a halt, half twitching with spasms as spunk exploded inside her.  His body collapsed to one side of her and cold air of the mine grasped her now exposed wet clit.  It felt as though she had wet herself as her last orgasm ran from her body with no control.

She stepped out of the cage into bright sunlight, squinting  and supported on both sides by Gary and Neil.  Bobby was waiting at the surface with a smiling face and could see that Sally was dishevelled and slightly shaken.
“I think you need a nice sweet cup of tea Sally.”
She nodded with a smile and gave a thumbs up signal.
“How do you take it Sally?” asked Bobby.

“Oh she takes it white, very strong and with two,” chipped in Gary with smirk.

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