Dare to Bear – #FT4Friday

I have an odd relationship with nudity in that I love to be naked, and yet I don’t very much like what I see in reflection.  I know that’s not unusual, many people would prefer if certain things about them were different.  For me, I try and look beyond my own vanity and enjoy the air around me, and if the occasion suits, water as well.

I have never been to a ‘clothing optional’ resort, not because I have a huge adversion to them, I just haven’t been or had a deep burning desire to go.  It is my nudity, and that of people I choose to share it with is where my enjoyment sits (normally on a towel) and not in mass roaming herds of fleshy people on beaches.


It is a form of escapism I do realise this, the shedding of your daily skin to be at one with your self.  When I travel for business, the first thing I do in the hotel is strip out of my travelling clothes, shower and remain naked for as long as possible, or at least until the waiter asks me to leave the restaurant.  I love clothes, but I like being free from restriction.  It’s also good to see my cock and balls getting some sunlight and fresh air, and of course for me to play around when and where I safely choose.

Missy and I used to hold naked film nights for the two of us. It gave a chance to be physically close, and to have access to play as we saw fit.  We even threatened the kids with it once or twice when they messed around with their social calendars to our detriment. It worked a treat, although I’m sure they hoped we were really joking.

I noted when reading missy’s entry to this meme that she would love a holiday of nakedness.  I couldn’t agree more, what a lovely thought.  Warm winds, sunshine and the feeling of your skin picking up every slight change in temperature and direction of breeze, I can feel it now!  We once found a villa in Italy that had a private walled roof terrace in the middle of the countryside. It was like a small castle tower from memory. I had visions of just laying around naked and fucking all day.  Alas, the booking was never made.

This morning, bright and early, we ascended the local hills before any dog walkers could sniff us out. With camera in hand I snapped away at missy’s beautiful body, whilst at the same time keeping an ear out for a passing car.  After I had finished with my now shivering model, I peeled off and let missy take control of the camera.  Referring back to my first paragraph, I’m not keen on my reflection, but to hell with it.  I really don’t give a damn of people’s impression of me, nor do I seek affirmation to my own opinion.

I love being naked, I love you being naked and most of all, I love Scotland who has, by far, the coldest frigging flowing water in the world!



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  1. Being naked in Scotland is very different to being naked in Spain or Italy! I salute you ! I also enjoy the feeling but rarely get to be naked outdoors. I think I may have to try harder on this.
    Missy x

  2. Haha, I love that you threatened the kids with it. I shall have to remember that one when mine muck up our plans. I love being naked too but I have a big problem staying warm and so it is rarely hot enough for me to do it…. which is why I loved my holiday in Greece last summer


  3. We have frigid water in the Wild West too, but sometimes Mr. HH takes me to the mountains and makes me strip and get in anyway! I wish that nakedness was more acceptable in the states. I don’t know that I would be keen on having others see my bumps and rolls though.

    Naked movie night is how we threaten our teen, as well. He also hopes we are kidding.

    • Accepting who you are inside is 80% of the battle. If the 20% remaining is how people percieve you, then it’s less to worry about. I used to look at images of over weight people and be critical of them. As I have got older my whole perception has changed, perhaps it’s maturity or maybe spending time with people who, regardless of thier size, make the most of themsleves as person. I am who I am; I can change the way I look if I really wanted to, but who I am inside is more important, and that goes for everyone I think.

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