A Charming Snake

A Charming Snake

Although initially resigned to the cutting room floor, this picture captured a strange phenomenon.  Missy asked if she could play her flute naked for me, which was a lovely thought as I had enjoyed last year’s naked piano recital very much.

As soon as missy took her clothes off and picked up the flute, I felt movement in my bathrobe. Not much as first, however, observing missy pursed lips over the small aperture as she grasped the shaft of the flute, more movement occurred.  As her breathing became more regulated and the sweet music filled the room, my robe parted to reveal a curious sight.  With music all around us, missy’s breasts flushed with exertion and her legs slightly apart to balance herself, the snake burst forth!  Music had truly charmed the snake from its lair, I mean, what else could have possibly caused it?

Sinful Sunday


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