#30DayOrgasmFun (Live!)

So our new found friend, Tabitha Rayne, has set a challenge for mental health, #30DayOrgasmFun and both missy and I are up for the April challenge!

However, I thought I would add a small twist to our challenge by sound recording each orgasm.  Now missy’s first reaction to this was somewhat like a deer caught in headlights, but she does have a thing for humiliation. What could be better that listening to yourself betray your deep emotional sounds to spark a dampness down below?

I have to admit that most of her orgasms are meer whimpers for the benefit of our children.  Making noises like you are having a chronic asthma attack at 11pm is never positive I find, especially when they rush in to find Dad’s special asthma cue involves being tied to a bed with a glass butt plug gleaming in the recently switched on light!

Once I have the 30 days of recordings I will tinker with them and see if I can make my first audio post.  The headlights are getting closer missy!!




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  1. Wicked fun! What a devious man, and yes – try to style out your ‘night time asthma’ to save Missy’s blushes!

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