Trixe And The Witch – Chapter 5


“Now don’t you look lovely my dear,” said the Witch.

Trixie looked in the mirror again and whilst the clothes Hazel had chosen for her were unusual, they did make her feel somewhat sexy.  Made of an ivory coloured silk, her short dress clung to her body that extenuated her young figure. The neck line was plunging, her breasts were half visible, and her pale skin shone in the candle light.  She had been with Hazel for a few days now and had recovered her strength through rest and good food.  Hazel was a good listener too, they had talked for hours about what the elf had done to her in the doorway. Hazel made it seem ok, she made it sound normal.  Being a fairy god mother, she knew all about how to fix wounds and had spent a long time examining Trixie’s naked body. It felt funny at first, but Hazel had a calm voice which made her intimate touching feel quite nice really.  Trixie had noticed that Hazel was looking very tired and occasionally her voice sounded older than before.
“Are you getting enough sleep Hazel? she asked. “You do look tired and I’m worried because you have been looking after me so much.”
The witch was about to tell Trixie to mind her own damn business, but managed to catch herself short and sweetly said, “I’m fine dear, as you say, a good nights sleep should fix me up.  But before that I have a surprise for you.”
Trixie spun around to see what was she was about to receive , and in an obvious state of excitement the witch noticed Trixie’s nipples harden through her sheer dress.  Hazel had a instant longing to lick the girl all over. She loved licking the girls she captured, it was their innocence and their sexuality she could taste.  She just wanted to bury her fingers into girl and make her come. Now that was a taste savour.  Her trance was broken by Trixie’s voice –
“Hazel, is it a nice surprise, please say it’s a nice surprise!”
The witch smiled, “Well, I think it’s a nice surprise.”

Connal and Brita had made their way down to the spire that protruded from the ground in the green valley.  You couldn’t miss something so out of place, and yet both dogs knew that the witch wasn’t trying to hide.
“How do we get in?” Asked Connal.
Brita lifted her nose towards the edge of the valley where the ground suddenly dropped away.
“The castle has been buried here a very long time and the ground has eroded at the end of the valley. There are windows visible belonging to the castle, that’s the only way in that I know of.  Even if we got close enough, the castle is bewitched, and our presence would be detected within minutes. We will not be able to enter and bring the princess out Connal.”
He looked at Brita in disbelief.
“You have travelled all this way knowing that we could not enter. What was the point of that that?”  Brita turned and walked uphill through a thin wood line.  As Connal approach her at the top, without looking around, she said,
“It has been a long time since I walked through these lands, and things change.  Forests grow and rivers cut new paths; I saw it this morning before the raven arrived.”
In the valley below a wide river had created a bend close to a cliff edge. A small waterfall fell and at the foot of the exposed castle a large pool of water gathered.
“All we need is for the crack in the cliff to widen and let the river pour uncontrolled into the basin. The castle is buried underground Connal, it will flood and flood quickly. The witch will have to evacuate and with her she will bring the valuable princess, if she’s still alive.  All we need now is to find a way to flood the basin!” Said Brita.

In the centre of the castle the witch had her throne room. Her chair was raised up in the middle of the large space. Material draped from the ceiling to the floor in reds, purples and gold.  The room had low tables with large cushions about them, and near to each group of tables burned a small fire that occasionally crackled with blue sparks.  In front of the witches’ chair was a stone table, similar to a burial cask found in a grave yard. It was polished black and at one end stood a large wooden cross like an X and had shackles on each corner.  When Trixie and the witch entered the room, it was devoid of people. Only the fires burned, and the air was full of the smell of incense. Trixie felt a little light headed as she slowly walked to the middle.
“I have decided to invite all my friends to meet you Trixie and to join us for a dinner party this evening.”
Trixie looked at the witch. “A party? A party for me Hazel? Oh that sounds wonderful, I just love parties!” Said Trixie with glee.   “Will we have music and dancing and games and food and…..oh I don’t know what else, just everything?”
The witch nodded and smiled.  She was getting tired of this girl, and that only meant one thing, being kind to her during play was not going to happen. Princess Trixie will be screaming for other reasons very soon.

“Beavers!” Said Connal suddenly. “Beavers, we need Beavers!”
Brita looked at him and smiled, “Beavers.” She repeated slowly.
Connal was excited, “If we get the beavers to dam downstream of the bend the river will flow over the cliff, we won’t need to worry about making the waterfall bigger, it will just be a new route for the whole river!”

Trixie was told to bathe and make herself pretty for the party.  She had soaked in a deep hot bath for ages and tried out the various bath salts and soft brushes to clean her self with. She would have been quicker, although one of the soft brushes felt nice when it touched her inner thigh. Before she knew it, the brush was passing back and forth across her clit.  It felt like nothing she had experienced before.  Her personal moment was abruptly brought to an end by the sound of the door being thrown open with a bang!  To her surprise a trio of small creatures resembling monkeys entered the room.
“You need to get dressed,” one of them said in a high pitch voice, “That’s now.” It said rudely.
Trixie sat in the large copper bath and didn’t move.
“OUT!” Shouted another creature.
Trixie stood and tried to cover herself with her hands.
“Oh get out, come on, come on, get out, get out, why you just stand there? Said the original one.She stepped out of the bath and was throw a large towel to dry herself with. A chair was pulled up and gestures were given for her to sit.  The third creature had a large bag in its hand and once she was sat the bag was opened to reveal its contents.  Inside were brushes, combs, silver and gold thread, metal flowers, glitter, powder, and pencils of various colours. Before she could ask any questions, the items were gathered up by the gruesome trio and in silence they set about her as the witch has ordered.
“Make her so beautiful that I will want to eat her.” She had told them.

The Witch had almost completed her preparations when she suddenly realised that her raven had not been around recently. She tried to think when it was last hanging around, however, she had been so wrapped up in Trixie that she couldn’t recall.  In the corner of her chambers sat a round table made of stone, it was waist height and appeared to be fused to the flagstone floor. Sitting upon it was a large black marble the size of man’s head.  The witch walked over to it and rolled up her sleeves in anticipation.  She could feel the energy in the ball even before touching it, there was light buzzing feel to it.  She grasped it with both hands suddenly, almost as though she was afraid of how it would fly away.  The room around her went black as pitch and all sound was extinguished.
Yes?” Said a distant voice.
The witch considered her words carefully. “I wish to know who plots against me.”
There was total silence.  She considered asking again but held back.
“There are many who plot against you Black Witch, do you not already know this?”
The witch closed her eyes in frustration, why could she not just get a simple answer, she had things to be getting on with.
“DO NOT TAKE THAT TONE WITH ME HAZEL!” boomed the voice.
Hazel fell to her knees shaking and yet retained her grip on the orb.
“My apologies, I was not respectful,” she said in true fear. “I seek to know who is close at hand to do me ill. My raven has not returned for some time and he has the protection of the black creatures.”  Again, silence resumed, until the voice said,
“The raven is dead, that is all you need to know about the risks ahead of you.”
The witch let go of the orb with a sense of relief. The voice contained within it was the combined voice of every witch that had ever lived and died. One day her voice too would be at one with the orb. However, she had lived longer than any other before her and yet the power and darkness contained in the dark shell scared her.  What worried her more was that the bird was dead and the only thing that could kill it was something much stronger and magically powerful.  It was the damn dogs, always those stupid looking hounds. She knew that regardless of their looks, she needed to be careful as they were invisible to her senses.  Waving her hand in the air three times to make a circle, she finally clapped her hands together with a loud crack!
“That should do it,” she said with a smile.

Throughout the underground castle the windows sealed over, doors that once had access to the outside world buckled and wedged tight so that they could not be opened. Every grate and grill in the floors fused tight shut. The castle was locked down, no one out and no one in. It was in fact you could say it was water tight.

The beavers were easily brought on side. Connal and Brita had not even finished their tale before the beavers were off to find more flat tailed friends to help. Trees were gnawed through way up stream and then floated down to a point where a small army of beavers of all ages cut, shaped and positioned wood to dam the river.  In a very short space of time the river upstream started to rise gradually.  One of the beavers approached the two observing dogs.
“It’s going to rain later today, you know that, right?”
Brita sniffed the air. “Yes, you’re right,” She said. “Will that be a problem?”
The beaver looked at the bend in the river and scratched his ear.
“I would say that if your aim is to flood the lower part of the castle, that will be really easy. If you want to flood most of the castle, that is just a matter of time. The rain will bring a lot of water before nightfall, I hope you know what you’re doing?”


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