Trixie And The Witch – Chapter 3


As you may have realised reader, Connal was no ordinary dog; he was a Witch Watcher, and he was very unhappy. A witch had entered the castle, enchanted a senior gnome and tricked the young princess to take off her knickers to complete a capture spell. All that and he didn’t even get a whiff of a witch that day. This was an experienced witch, and an old one at that. He needed to consult with another Witch Watcher in the neighbouring castle. She would know who could do this, and where to find the evil creature.

Trixie finally placed the voice and realised it was Master Trudgill. He was dirty and looked very tired, which is easy for a gnome because they always look tired and dirty.  He explained what happened from memory but didn’t know how or why they were both in this cold cellar.  He apologised for asking the princess to remove her underclothes in the garden, he was baffled why he would say such a thing.  The little gnome was now sitting on Trixie’s lap trying to keep warm when the sound of a large bolt being dragged aside filled the room. The latch banged and echoed through the cold cellar, bouncing off the walls like cannon fire. Trixie and the gnome shook in fear as a figure appeared in the now open doorway.  He looked huge, almost touching top of the door frame and carrying a massive sword. He started to walk towards them, his spurs chinking and his armour clanking.  Half way across the space towards them, Trixie could swear he was getting smaller.  Just as he got up to them Trixie stood up in fright and to her shock found herself looking down on a small elf.
“You is to come wiv me by order of her most evilness,” he said in a squeaky voice.
Trixie laughed and tried to cover her mouth, but it was too late, the elf was already offended.  He pointed his sharp little sword at the gnome.
“Get movin’ Princess or the gnome gets it,” he said, almost menacingly.
Trixie walked towards the door as she was told and briefly stole a look behind to see the gnome now standing alone and the elf walking behind her. She stopped when she reached the door; it was too small, in fact there was no way she would get through in such a large dress.
“Go on, hurry,” said the elf.
“I can’t fit through that door, I have too many whale bones in my dress.” She complained.
The elf just shrugged his shoulders and then poked her in the ankle with his sword.  She screamed in pain and when she looked down there was a dot of blood running down her foot.
“Better take the dress off then princess, unless you wants more poking.”

Trixie was so embarrassed. She had taken her dress off as ordered to avoid being poked by the wicked elf and was now on all fours half way through the small doorway.  She should have felt cold only wearing a corset and stockings, but she was very red faced. It wasn’t until she took off the dress that she remembered she wore no knickers. She had tried to cover herself over, but being on all fours made it impossible.  The elf stood behind her with his sharp sword and laughed at his prisoner’s predicament.  Her hips, would not pass through the door way as easily as her shoulders and she was wedged. The passageway on the other side of the was thankfully wide, however, she was not alone. Two more elves stood leaning against the far wall smoking long pipes. Both seemed very amused when one of Trixie’s nipples popped out of her corset.  Any thoughts of being further embarrassed were lost when something cold touched her bottom. She jumped in quick response and slipped on to her elbows with a hard thump.
“Ouuuuch!” she cried.
The elf behind was having fun and poked her soft bum cheeks again with his sword.  This time she kicked out with her foot and hit something hard, and instantly knew it was a mistake.  The other elves did not know what had happened but could quickly work out from the screaming on the other side that someone was not happy.   Back inside the cellar the elf picked himself up off the floor. He had been kicked in the face and blood ran from his nose, he was not happy, and the princess would soon know this.  He walked up behind her and stood between her legs for protection; she was fully exposed and her soft pinkness between her legs was easily accessible.  From his pocket he took out a glass orb the shape of a lemon. He unscrewed one end and from the cellar floor picked up a large winged beetle.  Once the beetle was securely in the glass ball he stepped up closer the princess and gave a big, nasty grin.

“What’s keeping that damn elf?” said the witch to a large black raven sat on a perch opposite her.
“Cawwwwwww,” said the bird.
“Yes, I expect he is,” she said, rising from her red throne.
Standing completely naked with her long blonde hair hanging low down her back, she was a wonderful sight.  This external veneer masked her age well. At over 1000 years old she had seen kingdoms come and kingdoms go.  To maintain her youth, she had both enjoyed the sexual connection and the souls of so many princesses she had forgotten the total so far. The royal families and their desire to produce as many children as possible was a real blessing to her. Kill one and they produce two more, and time really wasn’t a problem for her.  She had even seen the last of the dragons die out 500 years ago; she missed the dragons, they were an acquired taste for sure, but cooked long enough they made an excellent meal.  She grew impatient, and as she strode towards the door she waved her hand and her body was covered in black cloth that looked like fish scales. She shimmered when she walked and had the appearance of a snake. The raven watched her go, and jumped down on to the table to steal a piece of roasted beaver.

Trixie found herself biting the back of her hand.  The nasty elf had slipped a cold smooth object into her, the same place she like to touch when alone.  She could feel its size and weight, and at first she was horrified that the elf had done such a thing.  Then, without warning she felt the buzzing inside her. It was soft at first and then it grew in strength. She had never experienced such a feeling before, it became so intense that she could not concentrate and completely forgot the by-standing elves in front of her.  She rocked back and forth so violently that her breasts fell from the corset, she was losing herself in a world of pleasure. The vibration became deeper and almost angrier inside her, she wanted to cry out to make it stop but really, she didn’t want it to.  She found breathing hard and started to hold her breath, and without realising caused herself to become dizzy.  Just when she could take no more she lent further forward, and her nipples scraped against the cold stone floor. Her world erupted as the sensation hit her brain and triggered a convulsion inside her.  She bit her hand to stop herself from screaming out loud, but it was useless.  She tilted her head back and cried out as the glass ball left her body followed by a stream of warm fluid that ran down her cold thighs, causing her to repeat the feeling over and over again. The two elves watching from the front were mesmerised by the princess’s breasts on display and by the way she cried out in pleasure; unfortunately, they did not see the Witch appear at the end of the hallway.  Before Trixie fell flat to the floor exhausted, she saw a blurred black figure in the distance and the sound of strangled gasps of something nearby.


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