I have always loved pictures, either moving or still ever since I can remember, and I discovered something about myself the other day that surprised me as a kid. Our school took us into London to visit museums and the Tate National Portrait Galley. I was a 15 year old, pretty uneducated wannabe rebel on the steps of the gallery, however, once inside I was stripped of that.School Days

Massive pieces of art work, some hundreds of years old hung from the walls, modern paintings clustered together and then there were the faces of people from long ago captured in oil. I remember standing for ages scanning one picture and seeing the actual brush strokes and small cuts in the oil where a knife had been used. The picture, as you can see was of a naked lady in a black Victorian hat. Despite being snapped out of my moment by whisper in my ear from a female pupil, “Having a quiet wank are we?” I have distantly remembered the picture, and the erection that went with it, and maybe it was then I fell in love with nude women in picture.

Missy has recently been exploring a previously undiscovered side of her with body image using photography, which I am so pleased she is doing. Not only do I think she looks great, I openly admit to getting off on other people seeing her. In certain circles I would have verbal rocks thrown as me for such a comment, however, here I can express such things and be judged, as humans do, by my peers in the kink community, who to be honest have far more unusual and interesting kinks than I!

Today I saw a picture in the news of the inside of the Italian Parliament Lower House. They are voting a new Parliament in today and all of Europe are watching, apparently! What struck me was how sexy the photograph was I terms of grandeur, splendour and sheer ostentatiousness. I had to use those three words just to convey how great it would be have a play room decorated in a similar way! Now for the more cultured amongst you, I apologise, for I am sure that the paintings and decoration in the picture are by a renowned individual that I should know. However, in light of my ignorance, I think it looks powerful and not dissimilar to an old theatre when lavish stage shows could be performed. Ironically, knowing how passionate Italians are, I’m sure their Parliament is as animated as any theatre production, or at the very least more exciting than the sleepy British version!

I close and return to my lady in the black hat that is inspiring me to recreate that same image through photography with Missy. I’m sure with few well placed filters I can take the real Missy and turn her into a Victoria work of art, opposed to being a modern one herself!  Inspiration can be found all around us, and sometimes in our distant past where those small acorns were planted that grew in oaks with many reaching branches.

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  1. This is such a fun interest to be shared between the two of you! And, missy is a smokin’ hot model, which makes your job as the photographer even easier 🙂

  2. MrH and I have seen a number of images over the last few months that we too are going to try and recreate… I think for me it’s all about the time and intention to spend time together working on a shared project that makes it especially sexy and fun. I hope that you and Missy have lots of fun creating your images and in the process create even more important shared memories ?

  3. I agree with Nora and Sweetgirl—and you!! I also look forward to seeing some of your work as long as Missy retains that protection of plausible deniability!!
    PS. Were you the lad groping the young lady’s breast?

  4. While we haven’t tried any artistic photos yet, HD loves to take pics of me while he has me at his mercy. He hasn’t posted any yet but it’s a “threat” he enjoys taunting me with since he loves the idea of showing me off.
    How well do you know Photoshop? There are a crap-ton (yep, technical term) of filters on there and the CreativeCloud, and you can always download more. Sounds like a very fun project. 🙂

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