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Although this is technically my last day of this blog item, it is in many ways my first on a new journey.  Whilst I have received many comments on my articles from people I respect in this series, I have realised the truth lies not in what I have written, but what I didn’t write.  The topics that I may have avoided or thoughts I didn’t share.  Now I appreciate we are all entitled to some privacy, however, I gave up that privilage by starting 20 Days of Up Close & Personal didn’t I?

So have I learnt in the last 20 Days?

  1. Beating yourself up over mistakes is counter productive. Negativity breeds negativity and honesty builds trust.
  2. Missy requires control and leadership, however, that needs to be communicated effectively.
  3. Getting bogged down in detail takes your focus off the big picture.
  4. Being a Dom is about being yourself, only better, not a different person.
  5. Stop being so damn serious about yourself and have fun!
  6. You are not alone.
  7. If it’s in your head, just say it out loud. If it doesn’t make sense, talk about it.
  8. Missy is still full of surprises
  9. You have achieved more in life than people said you would, be very proud.
  10. Make the most out of every day, you passed the half way point a while ago!!
  11. I only thought unconditional love could be shared with your children, it’s not true when you’re married to the person I am.
  12. The journey keeps refreshing itself.

It has been an interesting exercise, however, I don’t think I really acheived what I intended in term of real reflection. Things have been challenging these past 2 years and whilst there is a lot of negativity about it, we are still here and together.  We have learnt new things about our relationship and whilst some may not all be positive, they have allowed us support each other and be more aware of one another.

And so my 20 days comes to an end, and tomorrow is a new day that will bring continued challenges that will try and distract our attention away from each other. I say, “Bring it on!”




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  1. I have also enjoyed reading these posts and I am glad that as a project it has helped you to find yourself a little bit. I know that sometimes life can get in the way and mean that we lose site of the things that matter but I want you to know that I can still see you even when life seems to hide you. It has been really helpful having an insight into what you don’t always say and hope that you will continue to share in such a reflective way. Your missy xxx

  2. Thank you HL for your candid posts, for sharing so openly. I’m absolutely certain you and Missy can achieve anything you set your minds to – together ?

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