My Dominance Up Close And Personal in 20 Day #12

Around My Dominance

On a recent application form it included a number of boxes for me to tick regarding my colour, gender, religion, marital status and inside leg measurement.  I detest these additions to applications.  I fully appreciate some department, in the basement of a building, in small windowless room, with a flickering single florescent tube, sits a computer electronically masturbating over the fact I’m White, British, between 45-55 and prefer fresh coffee to instant.  I think we are all more just than a statistical ejaculation to be measured against.

The same could be argued for any label that puts you in a specific box that you can be measured against.  I have lost count the amount of times I’ve witnessed someone make a veiled comment that another person is not being a good Dom.  Everyone has an opinon, and everyone should have a right to express an opinion.  If you are going to say someone they are not doing as well as you think they should be, then have the politeness and wisdom to help them find a way to improve.  Don’t drop a grenade in the room and walk out whistling!  Just remember that being a Dom does not over ride the person you really are.  If you are an arsehole, then an arsehole you will remain, Dom badge or no Dom badge.  It works the other way too. If you are a kind and considerate person, you will remain like that, it’s hard wired.  There are as many different Dom and subs as there is variation of Lego bricks.

Missy had a bad day yesterday, and to such an extent she wrote about it in her blog.  I knew what was coming as I follow the progress of her pupils as I would a running news story.  Unfortunately, most of the pupils and people she deals with rarely end on a positive. She does have successes, and like the negative ones, they are quite often life changing for a young person.  I can’t express how proud I am of her.  Missy passes herself off in such an unassuming way and yet she is the strongest person I have ever met.  However, even strong people need support, love and someone to be strong for them; and so yesterday I collected her from work, placed a glass of wine down, and let her talk without interruption.

Saying that you are a Dom is only a sign post to for others to follow.  It is the journey one takes everyday that is important, not the destination.  To be judged that you take a different path to others or drive in a different way is wrong.  It is your intension that is important, your selflessness and your desire to improve how the two of you will spend the rest of your life together. To those who judge and fire verbal bullets indiscriminately, I say this, ‘…………………………………..’  Yes, silence, and that is all those people deserve, and nothing more.


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