My Dominance Up Close & Personal in 20 Days #11

Around My Dominance

There are periods in my D/s relationship where I have no motivation.  That should not be confused with ‘can’t be bothered,’ they are two entirely different things.  Having no motivation can be an infuriating situation, and this mainly because I know what I like and what I need to do to get it.  I am sitting here now trying to formulate this post, and before that, I was thinking of an idea for play this evening with Missy.  Unfortunately my head just won’t process what is required.  What will happen though is this; by the time I have finished this post, I will have an idea.  That idea will be formulated by actively thinking just to the left of it  rather than just focussing on the problem of not being able to think of one. It’s like looking up at the stars. You can’t see constellations by looking directly at them, but if you look to the left they appear as if by magic. You obviously want to see them more clearly so you look directly at it, and then it’s gone again!

(20 minutes silence and a blank bottom half of the screen)

I have an idea and I am looking forward to it!  There does require some planning but sensation play often does.  I knew one would come!

There is no fable or meaning behind this other than the fact many Doms have dips, and quite often on a regular basis.  It does not mean you are not worthy, or less a man/woman, it just means you’re human and things don’t always fall into place. Try looking to the left of the stars once in a while.


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