My Dominance Up Close And Personal in 20 Days #10

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Yesterday I had a job interview.  It was one of those jobs that could have been written for you, which to be honest, it added a bit more pressure to the whole event. In my line of work, things like this do not come up everyday.  suffice to say I did my homework, practiced my killer answers to the standard questions and entered in to the lion’s den. I thought it went quite well, however, I’m not the one making the decision!   Some 9 hours before, as I lay in bed, Missy asked me if I was a bit stressed?  I said I wasn’t, although it was on my mind, as well as my bedside table, where all my crib notes sat.  It was then she asked, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”  I should say that I wasn’t that distracted and thanked her for her offer and to please go ahead.  I’m very polite!  After sometime, without prompting she disengaged herself and planted herself on all fours. She just smiled at me; stress reliever number 2!

You have probably picked up on the obvious here, and that I am going to talked about meeting each others needs.  I like to think we are very well attuned to each other and can work out what to do for the other person.  Whether that be a question to understand a change in mood, a physical gesture or just keeping an eye out should things seem different for no apparent reason.  This is not limited to D/s relationships of course, however, D/s does help you tune in to the right station!

Have you noticed how some people you know talk about their partner in the third person?  It’s as though they married someone they don’t live with.  There is a gap between them when they refer to each other.  They don’t use names, it’s hand signals, shrugging of shoulders, and the worst of all, running them down to their friends.  I think women in groups do it more than men. This is purely down to the fact men don’t discuss home life much in groups – generally speaking.  Missy has said before that her friends annoy her when they run their husbands down, and then everyone joins in.  In her head she is thinking, “Sort the problem out or leave him, don’t keeping moaning about him!”  I too have friends that see their wives at guard dogs who need to be kept well fed and amused. Heaven forbid you should cross her, ‘she’ll have your hands off.’  I have met these ladies who, with the application of some questions about her life, are kittens!

D/s has brought focus in our relationship. I should point out that our relationship was really good beforehand with nothing to complain about.  D/s has allowed us to not accept what we had, it allows us to explore what it can be, and that I believe is the nature of  a D/s relationship. It provides scope to walk into unchartered parts of your life and lift up stones and go into dark caves without fear of it all going wrong.  I can tell Missy anything sexually I would like to try, and I mean anything, and she the same.  That does not mean the idea will ever see the light of day in our relationship, however, we can do things to simulate that in a very small way; and coming back to my original point, it’s all about recognising each other’s needs and doing something about it!

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  1. I absolutely loved the observations about issues between couples. I see this too. My thought on it is that Ds has something to offer these people. The important question becomes, what lesson does Ds teach us, that can help these folks?

    • Thanks for your comments, always appreciated! I think one of many lessons that are transferable is not to be afraid to discuss difficult issues. D/s or M/s creates space for that to happen with honesty and no element of being judgemental thrown in. The list is endless I would say!

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