My Dominance Close Up & Personal In 20 Days #5

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I work very well in an emergency.  I know this because I have been told it, and it is a subject that I have earned money from over the last 20 years.  So when I took a call from Missy yesterday telling me that our 4×4 had slid down the drive after she had parked it, my alarm bells rang.  “Are you okay?” I asked.  She was, thankfully, however, it was very nearly not the case.  Basically our drive was covered with snow, and underneath that it had frozen solid.  Our drive is pretty steep and on arrival home Missy saw an abandoned postman’s trolley across our drive.  She got out, moved it, looked around for the owner, couldn’t see him so she parked the car.  Missy thought it strange the trolley was there so she walked back down to look for him.  It was at this point the car alarm went off, she looked round to see 1.5 tonnes of Volvo heading her way. It crashed into the driveway pillar and bent the near by lamp-post.  However, what I heard over the phone was this; “There was an abandoned postman’s trolley at the bottom of the drive and when the car slid down the drive and crashed, I looked for him but couldn’t see him anywhere?”  Now that was mixed with other clear and concise descriptive dialogue of the incident, but of course I’m thinking that Missy is okay and we have squashed the mailman! For the record, he was okay and talking to a neighbour up the road.

There’s a little story for you, and the point of it?  Being dominant in a relationship is about making decisions that are assessed and of benefit to the wellbeing of your sub.  Missy was asking me (I was in a car garage in town sorting another issue out) if she should sort it all out now?  She would have been slightly shaken and angry, and who wouldn’t be? I told her that I would be sorting it all out on my return. I would assess the damage, contact the insurance company and the local council regarding the leaning lamp-post.  So what’s the big deal here some might think? What did I do that was so Domish?  Well actually, nothing really to like-minded people, other than take control and relieve Missy of the hassle of making those calls. As it turned out the police arrived about half an hour after I got home and had lots of routine questions. They also had a cup of tea and a biscuit!

I suppose this comes back to my point the other day; it doesn’t have to be whips and lube to be a Dom, it’s about being accessible, reliable and for your sub to trust you to wipe away all the problems they shouldn’t have to deal with.  I enjoy it, the lube, the whips and the insurance companies; talking of which, I expect we will need plenty of the slippy stuff when we get rodgered with the insurance premium!


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  1. So much of this says what I have been saying all along. Doms and Subs aren’t made, they are born. And I have had to handle it all as a sub. It’s under the blanket of caring for Daddy. We do what we can to help alleviate stress for our Doms. And you are helping your sub as my daddy does too. It’s not a sexual
    Thing. It’s a lifestyle thing. Sugar

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