My Dominance Up Close & Personal In 20 Days #2

Around My Dominance

My morning started off very well indeed!  Missy took it upon herself to snuggle up and make the most of a Sunday morning whilst the house slept.  After a relatively short period of time I could no longer hold back the arousal she had initiated. With the issue of a quick instruction, I had her face down and bum in the air. I find this an incredible dominant position to be in, not only is missy exposed fully to me, I also have control of her body and can chose to run my fingers across her skin and grasp her around the waist with my hands.

Our day was relaxing with very little to do other than read, or on my case watch Scotland beat France at rugby on the TV.  Our evening meal was to be a new receipe, and as I do the majority of the cooking I set off early to have read through of what was required.  I made the decision that is would be nice to have a glass of wine before dinner, and as we try to conserve our depleting wine stock (It’s a box in the garage not a cellar!) I have the say when and what we drink. Missy was delighted by the surprise, and as I went off to create a masterpiece (!) in the kitchen, missy continued to explore the possiblity of attending an Erotic Writers Event in London.

After dinner two decisions needed to be made. Firstly the replacement collar I had purchased for her birthday. Whilst it was pretty, it did not have the same personality of another one I had found later.  Decison made, I sent it back and ordered the new one with a request to alter the chain to make a collar.  Second one, Erotic Writers; well that needed more discussion, however, I was happy we attend and write the cost off creativley for airfares and hotels.  Decision provisionally made and should be fun!

It was time for bed and as I stood I told missy I had a nice surprise. Now, I noticed a slight look of anoyance in her face. The dominant thing to do is address that, however, it has history and therefore I decided to let it go. My reason for this is simple, missy assumed that I meant we would play, and she has asked many times that if we play she has some warning and that it isn’t when sleep is almost upon her so that she can alter her frame of mind.  In fact, this time I had no intention to play, it was, as decribed, a nice surprise.  I made this clear to her and she visbily retreated away from mild irritation.  So what was the surprise?  Warm oil and soft buttocks in that order.  Missy likes to have soft skin and she commented that her skin was not baby smooth as usual in that area area.  20 minutes of massaging oil into her bare rump soon put that straight, and hopefully her mind too!

As a foot note I realise that missy’s mild irritation should have been addressed effectivley at the time, however, I did not. Note to self for futrue reference.



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