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Captain HookI was sent a video clip today by a friend of mine. It contained footage of an attractive Scottish girl doing a small bio’ for either a friendship or dating site.  Unfortunately the young lady had Tourette’s Syndrome, and at various points through her monologue she had lapses of self control and her ‘tics’ took over.  As with many Tourette’s sufferers there are sometimes displays of erratic physical movements and verbal out bursts.  She was no exception, and partway through 20 seconds of fame of being very alluring, she had a number of brief episodes.

At the end of the video a caption appeared for a forthcoming chat site.  It said, Don’t worry fellas- she won’t be on m!”£$$  (to use their real address would be further publicity)

Now, I am not easily offended when watching rubbish online.  I try to be politically correct as socially possible when in the company of others and try to keep my views my own. However, I found this 20 second clip REALLY offensive.  I want to post the video here for you to see, and yet I feel I would be adding more strings to the arsehole’s bow that originally uploaded it, and thought that poking fun of someone with a disability would be effective marketing!

I have a built in deep dislike for bullies.  I know where it stems from and I react quite out of character when confronted with it.  The thought of an individual being singled out for  any reason and to be used as a puppet to elevate the self esteem of another is abhorrent.  It doesn’t have to be a blatant as a video clip on line for millions to see, it can be subtle. A slow chipping away as someone’s lifestyle, and not just because their life is different, but because they are threat.  All bullies have issues whether it be low self confidence, poor social skills, low popularity or people being different and succeeding are a threat to them and feel a need to retaliate. In this case, the individual is likely to be a moron as well.

I hope that the young girl never gets to see the cowardly edited version of her brave attempt to find friendship.  I hope that someone sees it, and unlike me who is offended and can only vent in a blog, they contact her, embrace her differences and form a positive and lasting relationship.

Now I could have related this to kink and online expressions of creativity, however, on this occasion I will refrain, and let the pretty young girl have anonymous centre stage where for the time being, she is safe and appreciated.



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  1. Who would do that?

    I guess that’s a dumb question. I can think of a few off the top of my head.

    People do the same thing with pics of fat people on every social media site available. I can only pray that Karma is a harsh and brutal mistress one day.

    I now block these idiots but more spring up constantly.

  2. People piss me off, in general, for this very reason. I was bullied frequently as a child and adult, and there were few people who stood up for me. The world needs more people like you, who care about the sufferings and trials of others.
    This reminds me of the photos of people that had some form of disfigurement or obesity people were circling on Facebook about a year ago. It said something like, “I’m looking for [person’s name], I have [his/her][baby/underwear/etc].” and something after it about tagging a person with that name. I immediately unfriended and blocked anyone who liked, shared, or posted one of those. (I don’t really remember all of what they said because I refused to participate, but that’s close.)

    But, as wildwestangel said, thank you for being outraged.

  3. Yes, thank you for being outraged. I was on a forum and one of the “popular” doms jokingly belittled and shamed a new member for her exuberant introduction where she talked about her Daddy and herself (she used the title Daddy a lot instead of using the pronoun “he”). The admin did nothing about it. I responded to her intro with warmth and acceptance, it was apparent to me that she was very happy with her new life. I never saw her post to the forum again.

    • If I t was cancer and the shaved head would never be made fun of. I am as anti politically correct as one can imagine but this falls so outside of anything beyond Simple human decency that I am amazed.

      Karma normally wins in the end for these type folks. I can only pray it exacta an equitable price.

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