Bumber Command

I suppose,  with each strike of my hand,  it is not dissimilar to a series of small explosions going through my sub’s brain.  My hand lands with a sharp slap and the energy is released through a wave of ripples travelling across her skin.  I wonder if the ripples travel up her spine to her head.

Spanking for me is the ultimate impact play to bring us closer.  It is not just having two pink cheeks begging for attention in front of you, it goes beyond that.  Having her naked across my bare legs increases the heat between us.  As the session continues, her sweat is on my legs and the sexual humidity climbs.  The light taps and kneading of the skin allows her to relax in the knowledge that she will be gasping for breath very soon.

Spanking is not used for punishment, not in this house.  There is too much enjoyment for this to be associated with correction.  She wants to be taken control of, to give up responsibility for her own welfare. She wants someone else to lead this event, this primeval act that will hurt her and pleasure her simultaneously.

I want to slowly build her up to a point where I no longer have to keep checking in on her.  She will have given over to me the natural reaction to take flight, in fact her head is flying in a world where pleasure and pain have mixed into a new chemical.  She floats and the sounds around her are delayed, as are the taps on her exposed inner thighs.

My hand throbs from exertion as I try to find skin yet to be turned in to a rosy bloom.

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  1. Welcome to Kink of the Week, I hope you enjoy being part of this community. I do urge folks to take some time and comment on at least a few of the other blogs that link in each week as it helps to create a active and encouraging group.

    As for your post, I love it when he gets me there, when the fight is gone and I can get lost in the heat and sensation


  2. Spanking raises the erotic level several notches and being bound and gagged drives us both wild.

    Ahh the swish of a crop or flogger followed by the crack of violated flesh, then the pain. Silence. A touch of the crop, warm breath on my stinging cheeks. Crack,crack another stinging. I’m wiggling now, groaning trying to twist away. The ball gag keeping my moans muffled.
    Then silence again. I can hear my breath whistle around the ball. I turn my head then the crop taps my testicles. I try to move away.

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