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This holiday Missy and I have had time to reflect on a broad spectrum of our relationship and family life. This is a circular event as holidays provide time to be closer, and occasionally with less domestic distractions.

Today Missy asked me, “What do you get out of having a scene?”  I thought the answer was self explanatory to be honest or at least similar to her thinking.  She asked me this on route in the car to visit a friend. We arrived only a minute later and therefore my reply was interrupted by offers of tea and her new puppy which wanted attention; you can’t deny a puppy attention can you?

A few hours later we were home and I offered up my reply, and I’ll share it with you as you took the time to read beyond the distraction of a puppy…

I like kink. If I don’t do a particular kink, I like that kink or the thought of that kink. I do like kink!  I get excited and get a kick of having my wife allow me to do things that stray off the tarmac road.  I like to follow a secret, yet well beaten path into the dark forest of kinky sex, sweat, lube, cum, dildos, spanking, anal and all the things that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.  I adore having her restrained and she allows me on occasion to take her to a point where she is so (and I use this word for sexual effect) fucked up, that she wants to consume me if I get close to her; not just consume, devour!  Having placed her through forced orgasms where her back is arched and she cannot grip anymore of the bed clothes whilst squirming to get away from me makes me feel alive!  She allows me to do things because she trusts me to take care of her when there are welts on her arse and clamps on nipples.  Even when there are no more holes to fill and she’s short of breath, she still trusts me to bring her home safe, and still want more. Finally, I like the way she twitches as mini orgasms course through her long after the play has finished and she drifts off to sleep.

That’s what I get from having a scene.

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