Spot the Sub


If any of you have worked in an environment that draws a steady flow of people, it is likely that you share the same voyeuristic past time of people watching.  I worked in a major airport for many years, and to pass the time when not only engaged in face to face combat with angry passengers, we used to evaluate the general public.  After a few years of practice you get quite good at summing up a person’s lifestyle.  Obviously some are easier than others; Expensive luggage not only shows they have money, but also on occasion, a lack of common sense. I once had a guy scream at me because there were black marks on his white cow hide suitcase. It transpired the case was made from his dead prize stud bull!  I mean, ‘white’ luggage, where’s the sound judgement there?

As my life has taken me from one role to another, I have never lost the fascination of watching people. I’ve seen people explode with happiness in a shop when getting a bargain,  through to watching a young girl get dumped on the telephone sitting in traffic; All this viewed in my rear view mirror, poor kid.  Now I have a new game, Spot the Sub!  My attention focuses on jewellery, such as collars, necklaces or rings.  I do not believe for a moment that behaviour will show through in daily life to reveal a submissive woman, it just doesn’t work that way.

Now I should be clear that I’m not Stalking a Sub, I have one already and she suits me perfectly.  It’s just plain people watching, with a twist!  I admit that in all my efforts I have yet to spot one.  We did go to a sex exhibition once and there was wall to wall slaves and subs, but that doesn’t count.  You may wonder why I don’t play Spot the Dom game. Well that is equally as difficult, if not more so.  Arrogant, Alpha Male types are abound in the industry I work in. The majority are complete arseholes and as such I am not drawn to them.  I am more likely to find a fellow Dom in a library than a bar full of guys verbally comparing the size of their cocks.

I thought I found a sub a while back. Vaguely familiar jewellery, a tattoo that looked very sexy and a physical personality.  Then I met her husband, and immediately saw that she wore the strap-on in that relationship.  I was close, but not close enough!

My wife wears here collar everyday, and whilst it’s not a thick steel band, the small silver heart and shackle is a dead giveaway to another person in the scene.  However, her being identified or me spotting a sub where we live is very unlikely. It is possible we are the only D/s couple in the village which does restrict my people watching.  We did attend a charity ball last night and I watched for men being considerate with their wives. I didn’t see much evidence of it. Chairs being held, men standing when their wives returned to the table, you get the idea.  It may have happened and I missed the opportunity to spy another D/s couple, I will never know.  So for now, I will abandon the pursuit of Spot a Sub when having coffee in town. The strange thing is, could someone be watching us!


3 thoughts on “Spot the Sub

  1. I too love people watching. When I see what could be a collar, I will sometimes ask if that is a necklace or a collar? Its just vague enough to be get a puzzled look if I am off base, or a coy smile if I guessed correctly. One time however, I think I was on the mark but instead of a coy smile, I got annoyance.. like.. how dare you recognize that and say so in public? You just never really know and that is probably to be expected I think. Many submissives are only so to the one they find worthy.

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