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f1d2c325-271a-4b3a-b336-84dae4c38f76-9363-00000e44b3aecd28One of the major drawbacks of living in a small community is access to like minded people, especially if your mindset is somewhat alternative. We do have groups in a nearby city, however, we have come up with more negatives than positives to getting involved, at the moment.

The internet, however, has given us a lot through the investment and contribution of other people. This has inspired both missy and I to write, experiment and push a few boundaries of our own. One such area was to develop a site where we could chat to other people and offer anonymity if required.  Neither of us are experts or gurus in BDSM or D/s and therefore we wanted to create an on-line club that belonged to the members with regard to content; And that is exactly what we have finally done!

The club will host a number of chat rooms and have links to our blogs for continuity purposes which is not designed to show either of us in a superior role as most of you know by now, we are as fallible as the next person!  The club will be aimed at Dominant and submissive couples, although this is not a mandatory requirement.  However, the club is not a dating or hook up site, that element is mandatory!

We want to create a club that is inclusive, friendly and free from bullying in any form. The club has rules, although few, they are formal and are for the protection of all.  Obviously this type of thing is not for all,  however, please come along and offer support if you can.  The site if completely free of charge and your personal details are not required.  Details to follow!


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