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Sitting on an aircraft this week I had time to let my mind wander in to the areas of the brain that have a door marked, ‘Utter Nonsense.’  I wondered what life would be like if Dominant and Submissive relationships were the norm. Being gay was once illegal in the UK. In fact anything other than striped pyjamas buttoned to the neck, (cocoa before bed and sex on Saturday because it’s the done thing), was once taboo.


Fortunately, we have now moved forward somewhat and gay relationships have been recognised to the extent of marriage. However, some people have still have issues with this.  I also heard a rumour that in some parts of the world even mixed race relationships are allowed!  Just imagine that, two humans being allowed to interact and love one another despite their colour! Next you’ll be telling me that babies don’t get delivered by the Stork. Obviously I jest and this ludicrous world we live in still sanctions people for, well, being people!  I once saw on the internet a guy who had a civil ceremony with his car! No one caused a fuss, until ‘they’ tried to adopt a caravan and yet some of these people are probably against freedom of sexual expression with humans.

I’ve digressed from my original thread, so what if D/s was accepted in the same way that gay marriage is working towards, and the slow general acceptance for LGBT groups?  I imagined there would be less divorce as fewer people would not require such a blessing, unless of course your religious beliefs took you along that path.  Those who were married, or civil partnerships might communicate more effectively and less misunderstandings would take place. Would there be a reduction in affairs I thought? Possibly, after all, D/s relationships are about listening and meeting the other person’s needs.  There is greater focus on developing the relationship and not just letting it age and wither like an apple on tree.

Would it be less ‘edgy,’ as my kids would say, to make something taboo very mainstream? Could it become less interesting, like Frisbee, Nokia phones or anal sex,  which according to a recent survey is now general discussion in magazines and bars with young men and women; That’s anal sex, not Frisbee.  Somehow, I think not; Most people masturbate but we don’t go sharing it with everyone we meet do we? It’s normal, but personal, and to be fair it’s a physical act, not a relationship. Unless of course you marry a car and adopt a caravan, because that’s just plain weird!

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  1. One of the things I hear on a regular basis. Is I don’t want to masturbate on my own. I make a living out of people sharing it. So maybe the times are changing! Well hopefully

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