It’s A Gift!

Some of the great things about our lifestyle is the forum to share information, experiences and on occasion moral support! Above all, the main benefit is making new friends. People who understand your likes, dislikes and unusual tastes for all things kink. It’s great isn’t it!

Two weeks ago a brown parcel arrived via the mail.  Good things arrive in plain packages I have learnt!  I had not ordered anything of this size, and assumed it would be for one of the kids. There has been a vast increase in parcels since the kids all started part time jobs.  When I was a kid I saved, today kids have AmazonPrime!
Rotating the box in my hands I noticed four large Norwegian postal stamps above the recipients name; It was for ME! I instantly smiled as I knew who had sent the parcel. Whatever was inside would be nice; If you knew our friends, you too would know the gift would well thought out, and likely to be exciting.  I immediately sent my Dom friend a WhatsApp message. “I have a parcel from Norway,” I said proudly.  “Don’t open it in front of the children,” was his reply!

Having removed the brown outer wrapping, and for some unknown reason I peeled off the attractive postal stamps and placed them in a note book, there was a blue bow and sliver netting around a blue box.  The anticipation was killing me! After more paper being removed and bows aside, I lifted the lid.

Wow! Multiple coils of soft hemp rope and a Triskelion ring.  I thought, this is going to take 6 months of careful reading, YouTube and a number of emails.  In fact the first thing I did was identify where in the bedroom I could fix a concealed ceiling hook with safe load bearing capability.  And so, this week I venture into the attic to check out my joists! What a great gift and great friends!

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  1. Nice! We have added a suspension point in our bedroom ceiling. We used a TRX mount bracket for the hook up point. Don’t even need to hide it. It’s actually used for body weight web belt training. It’s made to hold your weight. Prefect for suspensions. He even uses it to stretch out his shoulders. 😀 Multi functional. It’s perfect.

  2. You sound like a kid about the whole thing! Even I got excited lol
    You do find a lot of interesting people on your journey, if you wanna call it that, and some of them end up being your friend.

  3. Shibari is where our D/s adventure started from! Just this week I realized how we have grown in the art and needed more space. We took a wall out of our house to accommodate our new love for rope!!!

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