When you know it’s worth it.

We recently spent a weekend in Edinburgh for my birthday. Such occasions provide an opportunity to take some photographs, mostly of Missy. This can be a frustrating experience as I do not posses the eye of a photographer and the majority of my shots fail to meet my expectations, which are unrealistically high! Like most things that involve one than one person, team work is an advantage, and photography is no exception. Missy does have a good eye, and patience which helps no end.

In the early days of our relationship, taking pictures was a tough call as she didn’t like it. Like most of us, the vision we have in our head is of a younger version and seeing one’s self on display ‘warts and all’ can burst the bubble. The thought of allowing anyone to see a picture of her, as you can imagine, was equally worrying despite my reassurance. My positive attitude towards her nudity is not, in my opinion, seen through rose tinted glasses. Women half her age would like a day in her skin, or even the chance to get closer to it! Seeing Missy either dressed, half dressed or undressed excites me writhing and it is very much a physical reaction.

Trying to change a person’s perspective of something so personal is not easy. Being in a D/s relationship has certainly helped in building confidence and a positive mindset toward her nudity and my kink for others to see her. During the posing for the shot in this post, two men walked past our window in the court yard below. Missy didn’t move, she just stood there, on show, and she did that for me. She knew I would get a kick out of i, despite any reservations she may have had. It was a safe environment, being 3 floors up and in a town a long way from where we live, however, I know she also took something from it. On face value she may have got a small rush as people walked past, that’s only natural. In addition, her tolerance levels dropped, only a minuscule amount, but they dropped all the same.

Where my desire for exhibiting her will end I have no idea, it’s in transit! What I do know is that it will be slow, safe and ultimately aimed at making her more enjoyably confident and as a result producing one happy Dom.

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  1. The portrait of missy, shows a nice balance of elements. Her erect nipple is the focal point, but as the eye circles the entire frame, it showcases your composition. The straight lines in the window contrast the curves of her body. The long hair echoes the snow covered tree. The cornice on the upper building is both an inverted breast and a plug. The triangular post on the fence can represent a cock. The heavy curtains have been pulled back exposing her to the world; out of sight, the audience applauds. The sepia tone gives an old-fashioned glimpse into the past. missy looks away, not in shame, but wondering what the future holds.

    Photography is like any other skill, it can be nurtured. It is much easier in the digital age to create photos. With film, the 2/3rds rule was paramount. You captured your sub here perfectly.

  2. Cracking header photo. She looks really relaxed, even if she wasn’t!

    Can’t say I’ve ever been bothered about nudity. But going to a nudist beach is different to being naked when others are clothed I guess. Where does voyeurism start and end?

    At nearly 60, muscles and parts sag and flag, skin wrinkles, so I probably look better clothed these days. I walk down the street and see women in their 20s, 30s, twice the size of me though … Not every woman confirms to the ideal stereotypical slim beauty myth 😉

  3. Good post Mr.HL! I agree with quite a few statements in your post and one in particular. I like that you encourage her and are patient, it develops her trust in you for that particular thing. It’s good that you focus on and celebrate the progress no matter how small.

    Also, I really like the picture! Very good job! Sticker?

  4. An eye for the lens can be developed. I don’t necessarily agree that you don’t have the eye. Taking photos in nature as practice will help you further your efforts.

    Learning to adjust the f-stops on your lens can either bring background images into focus or fuzz them up completely. Practice that on your next walk thru the hills. Simply take as many photos as you can of everything. Digital makes that convenient. Don’t stop. Cheers.

  5. That’s a beautiful picture of Missy. If you wish to improve your photographic skills you could take a class in your local community or online. A class can help you improve your eye for composition. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a series on YouTube teaching photography. Practice a lot and have fun.

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