What’s the kick?

One of my favourite rituals is having Missy waiting in bed for me with the duvet pulled down to reveal her breasts. She does this every night because I like it.  A half naked woman has something special about her whether she be in bed, in jeans or just in knickers parading around.

I looked beyond the obvious last night; the obvious being her erect nipples were reacting to the chill of the night air from the open window.  What I realised went further than seeing my wife loooking nice for me by exposing herself.  It was the exposure itself that excited me.  I like seeing her on display for me, and the fantasy in my head from time to time that she could be on display to others. 

We visited an event for kinksters in Edinburgh a couple of years ago. We dressed in steam punk attire with Missy wearing an open front period skirt. On reflection, I got a real kick of other people, men and women looking at her.  I had placed a large  temporary tattoo on her upper thigh to draw attention to that area. Her modesty was bearly covered by the skirt, which was just as well as I insisted she wore no underwear to the event.

So, I have discovered something that was staring me in the face for sometime and yet chose to ignore impact it has on my pleasure.  I like seeing my wife on display for me, and for kicks I like to think of sharing that experience with others. Now, I’ve never played in a club before and I can only assume that by doing so adds to the experience by having onlookers.  This may not be the same for everyone, I appreciate that. However, for me it would add something.

We have discussed on a number of occasions the effect of being caught up in the moment, the hedonism that sets in when playing. When the full extent of your contract can be laid to bare and an almost drunk feeling sets in.  It’s during those moments one could imagine being in an auditorium, centre stage, like a Victorian medical lecture.

There is obviously a line between reality and fantasy, however, in our world where kink exists, it’s easier to build a bridge to pass back and forth without the need to make one the other.  We are definitely a, ‘never say never’ couple, and yet we we do have  a sense of responsibility to one another and our family.  Parading a half naked woman around in a small town would soon be noticed, especially if she teaches your kids! Our kink takes us where we want to go and my sub is driven by my lead. I have no doubt that if I wanted to experiment with something new, and it was important to me, she would.  I should state for the purposes of transparency that if something was important to me I would have to weigh up the ramifications and be assured that our relationship wasn’t damaged.  Having people watch you spank your sub is one thing. Having a another person do it whilst I watch is another.  Both examples have a different ‘impact’ on your relationship, and yet both are reasonably possible.

Maybe you see yourself in here somewhere? I tend to find that whatever I write about, someone has experienced it, thought about it or has a comment to make.  How far has your fantasy gone to the point of it becoming reality?

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  1. I spoke to a guy last wk who called from a club. He loved showing his wife off. It was like showing off in a way. Look what Iv got she’s all mine

  2. Never had the opportunity to share in that way, but I would if the circumstances warranted. I think missy shines radiantly in these pictures you’ve shared on the post and blog, and she should be proud you wish to show off your sub in such a loving manner.

  3. In the Gorean scene, we have dinner parties where your sub/slave is wearing the skimpy slave silks. There are house rules. First timers are not to be touched, their collar is of a white color. If one chooses to come back, your girl can still where white or go with red. The masters at at the dinner table, they are served by the slave girls. It is okay to touch a breast but nothing gentital.

    The difference between this and the dungeon scene is in the dungeon scene people are in their own bubbles. No one dares even look at another sub too closely as the Doms seem to be quite possessive and semi aggressive about it.

    In the Gorean world, beauty is appreciated. I want all to see how beautiful my lady is and I am proud to be her Sir. One can enjoy the visuals and caress a breast as she is pouring their wine but she goes home with me and we don’t share. (Agreed on the never say never concept).

    It’s all good fun and yes, I too enjoy knowing others are getting excited viewing my girl. I’ve only briefly touched on the Gorean dinner party fun. But you getbtey basics.

  4. You did write a few times before about people watching missy/both of you. I think, just maybe, exhibitionism might be something you are into :p but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of opportunity for you right now to act on it. Some people tend to show off when there is an audience so if that happens to you it’ll be a really amazing experience for you! Whether you want people to watch or to participate is up to you and if you decide on the latter you get to negotiate and set your limits/boundaries.

    Back in my day, before my current Master, I played at clubs often and depending on who was my top I liked to show off. You had to wear some sort of fetish/kink wear to the clubs so my dress also had something to do with it. For me, it was about showing myself off to people but not playing with them and when I played with the other people it just rubbed it in more. We don’t have that kind of opportunity here and i’m not sure if I would do that again but it was fun while it lasted.
    *speaking from a sub’s pov not a top’s which I realize is very different.

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  6. It’s really good to see you posting again. In my humble opinion there is a fine line, made finer, when one is in one or more positions of authority and responsibility. The consequences of being recognised, even by like-minded people, can outweigh the frisson of excitement generated. In this world where it is so easy to find out a true identity through a simple search on Google, fortune does not necessarily favour the brave.

    • As a post script, however, I would agree with never say never…. Until then it will remain a fantasy…

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