“I’m a Sure Thing” (quote)

Recently, events changed the way I perceive my life.  The daily treadmill of working life stopped for a moment, sufficiently so to throw me off and then continue as if nothing had happened. The wheel turned and  I could only stand and watch.  An observer of modern industry at work in its foulsest form.  I struggled with redundancy, I’ll be honest, it hit me like a brick in the back of the head and just as I went down, I was kicked in the balls, metaphorically speaking. My structured life was disrupted and nothing was the same anymore; Or was it?

In one of our many conversations on the road to recovery, my wife looked at me and reminded me that she was my sub.  By default I had access to her body 24/7 if I wanted it. “I’m a sure thing!” She said smiling.  “You can fuck me, cane me, spank me and fuck again, whenever you want, nothing has really changed with us.”

She was right, she and I were still the same people. We looked the same, sounded the same and aside from a change in financial security, nothing had changed. Kids, the same. View from our house over hills thousands of years old, the same.

In that one small statement, ‘I’m a sure thing,’ the world seemed a better place and I had access to it whenever I wanted! ?

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  1. Sometimes when we are under stress it takes someone else to help put things in perspective. You and Missy are so blessed to have each other, the amazing love shows in your writing and hers.

    Love the new look of the site, beautiful picture at the top.

  2. Life has its good things, and you have a lovely view in your kitchen window!
    Sometimes its just hard to focus through the local interference.
    I now to well how that works….
    We’re both very lucky to have lovely wifes and subs!
    Wish you and Missy all the best!

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