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My ability to post recently has been a mix of laziness and lack of material. Not a good blend for those who take the time to follow you is it?  Please accept my apologies.

However, I have renewed vigour!  Last weekend we had guests; not on line, WordPress type guests, real ones. Human beings with a pulse, just imagine!  Our guests came all the way from Norway and Scotland to spend time with us, friends and kinky friends to boot!

We met on a D/s internet site a couple of years ago and struck up a friendship.  We first met up in London with couples from the site who came along from Scotland and England.  It was a ‘Sexpo’ event, nothing amazing, however, we had a laugh and all got on.  We met again with the Scottish couple in Edinburgh last year and this time they all came to us.

It’s an odd experience being in your own home for the first time with kinky people like yourself. We have children, all those still at home are teenagers and being a blended family our children are sometimes with their other parents. This particular weekend was supposed to be a kid-free zone.  This suited us as we would be able to discuss D/s topics without fear of being overheard.  There could have been the possibility of looking at toys and maybe demonstrating them, however, any such thoughts were dashed when our youngest daughter didn’t want to see her father as she want to study for exams. To add to the overall effect, our eldest daughter decided a weekend home away from her medical work placement would be nice. “You know we have guests in your bedroom?” I asked.  She confirmed that wasn’t a problem for her, she should sleep in her brother’s room.  I was so pleased we weren’t putting her out!!  Despite the sarcasm, they are our kids and this is home and always will be.

And so, as our eldest daughter labelled them our, ‘sex friends’ they arrived.  Our youngest went to her study cave/bedroom and hid away and our eldest planted herself in the middle of the female sex friends group, uninvited.

For me it was great to see old friends and loosely discuss relationships and activities. I’m always impressed by our Norwegian friends; firstly managing English so well and their openness of thought.  There is cultural differences, however, they are subtle. The most obvious is their ability to say what they think.  I don’t mean to say that they are closed minded, far from it. They make statements and observations to encourage discussion and to learn.  It is truly an approach that would suit most D/s relationships. It’s there, on the table eager to be looked at, commented upon, discussed and improved.

I’m always slightly reserved in my approach. Years of working with people who can be easily offended has made me cautious.  The corporate environment is a mine field where expression, tone and topic can land you in all sorts of problems.  I get the feeling that my friends do not operate on preconceived perceptions. They roll up their sleeves and get emotionally dirty to find the real you.  It’s all quite refreshing!

The weekend was a success in my opinion. We had no preconceived outcomes or activities, we just went with the flow. If the kids had not been here, who knows where our conversations would have taken us!  It is fantastic to think we all stated with a Hi or Hello on line and got to a stage where people are prepared to get onboard an aircraft and fly to meet strange people.  It’s all the things we tell our kids not to do!

Despite cultural diffences, language and accent, the common theme for us was the relatively rare mix of married D/s couples. We are all currently monogamous, have children, homes, jobs, and yet there is a bond.  Could it be that we know most of the sexual adventures each has taken or the need for half the group to be submissive and the other to dominate?  Whether it is a mix of all three or something completely different, I felt a strong bond based on common interest and trust.

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  1. I’m happy to hear you were able to get together. I too am from that online site and know your sub. And I’m pretty sure I know who came to visit. These particular ladies were aways some of my favorites to chat with. I don’t go to the site anymore. Sir and I have ventured out into our local kink community. And I agree that having those actual living, breathing, right in front of you people to talk with, learn from, and enjoy the kink world with is a whole different level than just online chatting. I hope you get to enjoy their company again in the future. Hopefully kidless next time. 😉

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