Beyond Sight & Sound

Having engaged in some novice sensation play last night, my sub asked me I would like to experience it also?  Not being one to turn down thtwilight-zone-tv-series-postere opportunity of trying something new and having the opportunity to relax and learn something, I said,”yes.”

We agreed that I should be immobilised as she had been earlier with hands and feet secured and eyes covered. However, rather than block out all sound, she applied headphones with classical music. I was warm, comfortable and relaxed.

The content of her actions are not the topic for this post; I wouldn’t want to give away her secrets!  The thing I will share with you is the complete disorientation I experienced during the event. Twenty five minutes past in what I thought was ten. The combination of sensations, both physical and audible allowed me to forget everything outside of that moment. It was an amazing experience on many levels.  What I thought was happening to me, was at times quite the opposite. In fact, one action I am very accustomed to was confused with something else!

I have written before on the importance of experiencing the same highs and lows that our subs are exposed to.  The learning outcomes of such events equip us to improve our skills and safety awareness. My little excursion last night has given me a far greater awareness of how pleasure can be given in such simple ways when basic senses are switched off. Rather than trying to set the world alight with whips and chains, this exercise is a real ‘getting back to basics’ event when life gets in way and making noise is not an option. It’s just good, clean, and blinkered fun!

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  1. I think you have to know what the sensations feel like when using them on another. Sensory deprivation makes such a difference, which is why the ubiquitous blindfold is the symbol for kink. Once when experimenting on her with sensation play, with blindfold and classical music, we managed to reach the climax (!) of our scene with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. That was memorable…

  2. I believe that testing things (impact toys) on oneself (a Dominant) anything else they can experience to give some idea of what their subs experience gives a much-needed insight into a subs ‘space’. Pun intended

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