Following up on Being Nude Anywhere Is Thrilling by Tall, Dark and Dominant, I admit that I’m more of an exhibitionist that my wife. I do love nudity and nude people. I’m not concerned about people’s appearance as far as nudity is concerned. I obviously have my preferences sexually, but as far as a visual smorgasbord goes, I’m happy with nudity, women more so then men.  Women are so beautifully made. I could look at my wife’s body for hours and never tire. It’s living map of pleasure!  A woman’s body gives me pleasure to look at, however, it’s only once I have experienced the warmth, smell and physical reaction to my touch do I fully appreciate it’s true beauty.

I’ve never been naked with anymore that 3 other people at one time and that was a hot tub on holiday years ago. There’s something quite liberating about nudity, even in bed. A sense of freedom prevails. Swimming naked is on another level. How taking one’s shorts off makes such a difference I’ll never know. Our D/s relationship is a little bit like swimming naked. There are no hang ups, no obvious boundaries and there exists that same sense of freedom. I have managed, on occasion, to have my wife naked around the house when the kids aren’t here. She looks wonderful and for her age she looks 15 years younger. D/s has helped with that freeing of clothes. She wants to meet my needs and when she can, she does. It’s nice she doesn’t do it all the time… would become normal…… and I don’t particularly like normal. It’s, dreary, being normal. Life is too normal by design, or at least today’s life is. Living to a clock is not good. Being free outside of the clock is liberating and makes the enforced structure of life enjoyable. She has sat and sipped wine in the kitchen on a sunny day, played the piano for me and splashed around in our hot tub, all ‘au natural.’ I can’t get enough of her.

So this weekend I shall enjoy time with my kids, and my friends at a dinner party on Saturday. On Sunday I shall not do a great deal and in between I will be naked in the bath and in bed and at stops between the two rooms.  Ironically, the nice things about a naked female body is that if you add a few items of clothing, just enough that is, my desire have her naked again Is ten fold. There’s  just no pleasing some people! 

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