Watching Me, Watching You, Watching us.

I’ve been fancinated by the rise in couples who broadcast their sexuality online for reward. Everyday people, hooked up to the internet on a pay per view arrangement, grunting, sucking, squeeling and generally performing like trained seals. I watched a documentary last year that followed the lives of a selected few of these individuals. To be honest, it did not put a positive spin on it. One British couple, who appeared to have severe learning difficulties, lived a hand to mouth (no pun intended) existence by performing sexual acts for money to buy baby food and nappies. At the other end of the scale we saw a woman from America making large sums of money from her web site having lesbian sex with a friend whilst her previous male stage partner was in jail awaiting deportation. I’ll be honest, it didn’t ring my bell.
However, I have often wondered what it would be like to have an audience observe Missy and I playing. Not a theatre full of people,  or a few hundred on line, just one or two people who would observe in silence. I like the thought of the edge it brings. The surreal situation of silent partners. I would want them naked, or dressed appropriately for such an occasion; there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Unlike the aforementioned internet stars, there is no cash changing hands, however, is there a mutual liking for a voyeur buzz with the aforementioned webcam crew? Do we have that in common deep down?
Rigging up a grainy web cam for people to get off on is not my perfect picture of sensuality. I like the idea of a glass of wine, some conversation and at some point, centre stage. I want my audience to be of similar minds, D/s couple(s) who can appreciate the setting and the activities. I’m not suggesting swinging. I have a perfectly beautiful wife whom I would not want to pass around a large group of people. I would not be averse to my audience wanting to touch my sub, this I would encourage to the point of disallowing it. Staying the Dom of the entire scene is important to me! I want control of the whole evening and the people in it. Should the guests wish to play, then I would welcome it, just as long everyone was given time and space to enjoy it.
So why would I want to expose my wife to another group in what would normally be a very private matter? The answer lies in my overwhelming belief that my wife is sexy, sensual and likely to support most of my fantasies. We have discussed playing in clubs, although it’s the clubs you read about in pulp erotic novels. Our local venue is an out of hours gym; it’s certainly not Pan’s Garden!  So to create one’s own garden of Eden would be quite fun, however,  finding people is a totally different matter in this far flung corner of Scotland. In addition, and whilst not being perfect by any measure, we are fussy and would have a profile of the people attending (theoretically). I should point out that this is my fantasy and not strictly hers! 

Whilst I may have come over intentionally disparaging of the couples who sell their wares on the internet, who am I to judge, really?  I apologise to those I have tarred with the same brush, dipped in the biased pot of black TV journalistic ink.  If you want to masterbate to earn some money or gets kicks out of performing on demand, then go for it.  You won’t, however,  find my wife and I on line (ironically we are through blog so!). Although,  if you’re passing our mountain, please call ahead and we can make room for two more in the cheap seats if there’s space!

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  1. As long as it’s during the summer on your mountain, that of course limits the cheap seats to a couple days in July.
    Being wanted to be observed goes well beyond the erotic of course, ‘witness’ all the reality shows and performance art.
    I can see you would like to be on a stage, with a live piano and lots of props. A graceful and elegant pau de deux of D/s for a discerning and polite audience.

  2. I think my D, very much an exhibitionist of me, would find your fantasy very much in line with one he would like. He is not a cam guy either, but often puts up pics of me on tumblr, enjoying that others can look, but not touch. I suspect he would happily engage in sexual acts with a small private audience of like-minded friends. Like you, the odds of a safe version of that in our small little town are slim. Oh, to dream.

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