Today in the UK is Boxing Day, 26th December. For those of you are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to St.Stephens Day; A religious holiday marked in the UK, when on the day after Christmas, the servants would receive gift boxes from their employers and mark the day they could spend with their families. Our servants took their boxes this morning once all the fires had been lit and the table set for breakfast. One must have some imagination! 

As I sit typing this, the clouds grow darker over my head as snow starts to fall from the sky. It fell in small amounts over night, however, I feel there’s more on the way. So what did Boxing Day start like for me. Well, my little warm sub was awake before me, and more than likely she was either writing or commenting on blogs.  The problem is, her hands get cold typing above the bed covers and this morning she felt the need to warm them. From my sleep I felt the gentle stroking between my legs, it’s nice and light, dreamy almost; and then a handful is grasped and the coldness flows through my balls like an electric shock.  Snow balls one might say!

Now you may feel this is an intrusion too far, and for some that may be so. I, on the other hand, enjoy and cold grasp in that department. It makes me feel alive and is satisfying as the warmth returns.  I dare all you subs out there to try it.You can blame me!!

Obviously such deeds cause a reaction, and my missy was keen to get breaksfast. Oh I don’t think so!  “Roll over,” I instructed. She has the most perfect arse. In fact, it’s the second thing I noticed about her when we first met.  I could have looked at her arse first, however, social etiquette demands a gentlemen should always look at a woman’s face when speaking to her; for at least as long as he can get away with it!

Anyway, I felt there was a little internal protest about staying in bed longer this morning, until that was, I rubbed my hand over both cheeks and tapped them lightly. She moaned gently. That one noise, so faint and  thin produces and a reaction similar to that when hearing the firing of a cannon in my head.  The blood rushes and you know you have her. Every touch, every pull of skin, every bite, kiss, flick and squeeze causes her to raise her arse towards the sky. Even typing this causes a repeat physical reaction in me. Sensory feedback is a wonderful thing!  It should really go without saying that I used her, explored everywhere that was accessible and left her in bed post orgasm. I’m happy that she can dream a little longer still feeling a slight soreness of being explored.

The sky has now cleared as quickly as it darkened and the sun reflects off the white snow. It’s only a light dusting but it makes the world look cleaner for a short period of time; Plus, it’s always an excuse to seek warm between the sheets later in the day!

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