My 24 Days Of Christmas in reflection. 

Avid readers of my SubMissy will know that the little helper of Santa has really pulled out the stops for our relationship. Selfless acts x 24 have been a joy to experience and has also given us material to use into 2017 either as a warm up act or as a single piece of pleasure.  It has, however, made me a VERY lazy Dom.  I have sat back and let Missy feed me the fine wine and grapes of an emperor, and whilst the occasional fiddling has taken place, Rome burned!  It was so easy to have my manhood massaged and ego filled to the brim. Like an addictive drug, the side effects made me self centred and shortsighted emotionally. 

Please do not be too alarmed reader, as with all good relationships, a kick in the pants is occasionally required.  Missy delivers here kicks verbally; questioning, challenging and supporting.  I needed it more than I realised. A Christmas outpouring of feeling and emotions came forth and released a pressure that had been building for a while. Despite all my dehydrated emotional ability, Missy still stuck by the task of delivering 24 special gifts with enthusiasm and passion all through my blindness.

Thank you Missy for being my sub. I appreciate it has been a long year on so many fronts, but you still manage to look stunning when you come down the stairs everyday, despite the long hours you work, the kids you care for through work and of course our own flock of many! Let’s make 2017 a year to make positive memories.

Sir x

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  1. I think every Dom deserves to be spoiled by their sub, with the Dom’s permission of course ?, it helps recharge the emotional batteries. I know in my own relationship there is an ebb and flow for each of us, we support each other by being patient and encouraging. I believe you and Missy do the same for one another. I hope you both have a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

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