My Dancing Queen

My gorgeous sub posted on her blog that on the 22nd December she would dance for me (see

As things turned out, a work colleague and friend or hers came to dinner and stayed quite late. She lives alone and we always encourage her to have a good time with us. She knows about our D/s lifestyle and is truly amazed by it all, and although it shocks her, she digs a little deeper each time. 

If counting empty wine bottles and feeling slightly off colour this morning is a measurement of a good time, then a good time we had!  It was all the better when our guest decided she wanted to dance, alone, in the middle of our kitchen floor.  It was good to see her laughing and before long my wife was there too.  I jigged about searching for requests on my iPad!

It was then I stopped and watched my Missy strutting her stuff.  She is a wild dancer and it was one of the things that used to excite me to watch her. She’s full of energy and dances like no one watching. Life has taken over us and she doesn’t dance much anymore.  What a waste I thought. She is so alive, and she smiles, and laughs, and spins around so much you become tired watching her.

Once our guest had left, Missy disappeared upstairs and I cleared up.  Having just finished, the speaker in our kitchen came to life with Tina Turner singing at full blast.  Through the door appeared a vision in black underwear with matching silk scarf and high heels; and boy did she dance for me.  It takes a lot of courage to stand alone and dance for one person.  So my brave and sexy little Missy, my gift in return is to encourage you to dance, like no one is watching, once a month. Let’s get the music up, dance, laugh and see where it takes us.   You are truly my Dancing Queen. Xx

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