Circumstance Unrelated. PART XX – Fiesta, Fiesta.

Amidst the backdrop of Napoleonic War raging across Europe, soldiers seek distraction from the horrors of the battle field. Major Grant is an officer of the British Army serving under Wellington in France. An officer, a gentleman and a connoisseur of female bottoms, Major Grant finds himself unusually captivated by a mysterious woman…..

Eleanor was no longer in Sienna.  A week past she had taken transport with the children to Venice going by Bologna en route.  The priest had said that a friend of the church was travelling to Venice to take up the post of a teacher.  Having met Eleanor in church one Sunday, the priest made the introduction between two fellow teachers and it was from this meeting that Venice offered security from her husband and Dr.Teak. Either she had given me up or taken insurance to protect herself should I not returned from battle.  I decided that the option of insurance best fitted my mood and the fact that the good priest seemed to recognise something in me that gave me a full heart.  It was seven days ride to Venice, so with my new horse and baggage stowed, I left the town of Sienna and headed north to Venice.

On my second day on the road it came upon a village holding a fiesta on an epic scale.  Many of the smaller villages on my route were celebrating, however, this particular event must have had over a thousand people dancing, laughing and or course, eating!  I was saddle sore and hungry and the thought of a small, brief comfortable rest appealed to me.  I asked about for lodgings and was taken to a modest sized house above the main square.  Water, towels, food and a bed were promised for a modest some of money.  

Having washed I lay down on the bed naked and closed my eyes.  I was consumed by sleep quickly and drifted into my erotic thoughts of Eleanor being tied across horse and flogged by passing strangers.  This excited me, watching her being touched and without control.   I knew I was hard, my manhood caught the breeze and it felt good.  As I lay absorbed by my feeling I could hear faint female laughter, although it was not Eleanor’s.  A creak of a floor board brought me to my senses and sitting up smartly in bed I saw two young women kneeling at the foot of my bed.  I looked at my erection and back at the girls.  I smiled and nodded toward my stiff companion. My guests needed no further encouragement and with swift movements were about me with a hunger that shook me.  By dusk I had been drained to the point discomfort and had to restrain the girls from going further. I ached deep inside my stomach and the slightest touch made my cock react in shock.  

I welcomed the relief of dinner, although my serving girls were already acquainted with my preferences. After a good meal and sufficient teasing, I retired alone.  I needed sleep and recovery before my travel commenced again in the morning.

Having spent an uneventful eight days travelling, aside from heavy rain which delayed my arrival in Venice, I was in good spirits as I arrived at the address of the school given to me by the priest.  I had found temporary lodgings prior to my excursion into this extraordinary city. Now wearing new clothes befitting a gentleman I approached the school.  In my hand I held a letter addressed to Eleanor as this was to be my excuse for a stranger wishing to see her.  An official of the school took my note and gave no indication of her whereabouts.  Not being in a position to press home my enquiry, I left to find a suitable vantage point at the prearranged meeting place in my note.


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