My Little Christmas Elf (from

So, my darling submissive has managed to see through the majority of her 24 days of Christmas treats.  Only a couple have to be postponed due to kids being around. However, last night after attending a Christmas party with friends, the NAUGHTY Christmas Elf appeared in my bedroom. Dressed in red shoes, hooped red and green stocking, green tight T-shirt and little elf hat, there she was.  “I’m the naughty Christmas elf,” she said.  She certainly was!

Naughty elves need correction and this elf being naughty said she needed spanking; and so she was spanked until her cheeks matched th colour of her shoes.  This naughty elf wasn’t finished with her sassyness.  Pushing her bottom in the air and slipping her red knickers down she announced that naughty elves like to be fucked in only one hole. “My arsehole,” she giggled into the pillow.

Within two shakes, or maybe four, of a reindeer’s tale, this naughty elf was pinned to the bed, legs raised and receiving what the elf had wished for, or maybe not!

Although I do not believe in Santa anymore, I’ll certainly be leaving a note out next year for my naughty Christmas Elf with a few wishes. 🎅🏻

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