It’s Been Some Time….

It’s been a while since I last posted something of a personal nature, despite having a wealth clocksof material created by my darling Missy!

Her 25 days of Christmas programme, designed to give a gift for each of the days of December, has been real sustenance for feeding my dominance.  Please don’t be confused with dominance equating to floggers, butt plugs and black leather.  The dominance I refer to is the other side of the coin in our relationship; the nurturing, patient and supportive element of D/s.  If our relationship was just about sex it would have burnt out in the first couple of years, and boy, it would have been a massive fire!

I look at my wife and see a woman who is so overly committed at work, nursing a few aches and pains and managing some needy teenagers through exams. However, through all of that fog I still see a woman with a fun and sexy side. A woman who has so far this month given me wooden kitchen tools to spank her with, large sleigh bells hanging from her nipples, performed a strip tease without any warm-up and today, send me reminders why I turn her on. All-through-the-day!

If there was a submission medal for Valour Beyond The Call Of Duty, I would have it set in a solid gold butt plug and pin where appropriate!

You’re such a good girl. x

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