Circumstance Unrelated. Part XV – Firelight Fun

Amidst the backdrop of Napoleonic War raging across Europe, soldiers seek distraction from the horrors of the battle field. Major Grant is an officer of the British Army serving under Wellington in France. An officer, a gentleman and a connoisseur of female bottoms, Major Grant finds himself unusually captivated by a mysterious woman…..

Having eaten my fill and quenched my thirst I was joined by two men and a woman who sat opposite me. Her hair shone black in the firelight as it tumbled down bare shoulders and full breasts. She smiled at me and lowered her eyes giving and innocent appearance. “Where did you get your sword?” The larger man asked.  “Stole it I expect” Said the other.  “The sword is mine by right, why do you have such interest?  “If the sword is yours as you say, under what circumstances did you acquire it?”  Not knowing the intentions of these men I felt that honestly be the best policy. “It is the sword issued to me on my commission in the British Army.” I said.  “And the details of your regiment?” said the large man.  “If you have so many questions, I assume sir that you also have the answers to check them with?  My regiment is my business and my sword’s design will have told you who I once was, if that answers your immediate questions?” I replied.  He laughed and slapped me upon the back and offered apologies for his suspicion. He asked how long I had been away from the army. I explained that after my injury I had decided that military life was no longer for me.  “You are amongst friends,” he said. “We deserters must stick together in hard times,” said the other.  Deserters! This band of men had mistaken me for a fellow deserter and each would have price on their head.  My life hung on the choice of my words alone in this situation. My distaste for deserters had not changed, however they would very likely become useful.   

As the evening grew colder more logs were thrown on to the fire. As the heat increased the woman stood and walked slowly around the fire looking at each man in turn. She circled a few more times and finally stopped in front of a man who was likely to be the youngest of the group. She leant forward and spoke in his ear. As if being commanded he walked off into the dark shadows beyond the firelight and returned with a horse’s saddle across his back.  I noted with interest that the rest of the men said nothing during this process, only to watch the woman carefully. The saddle was thrown to the floor in a space between fallen logs being used as benches. Without a word being said the mysterious woman pulled her long dress over her head and let fall from her hand to the floor.  From my seated position I could see through the flames splashes of colour thrown against her body. As the flames moved so did my visual access to her body revealing her smooth lines and round buttocks.  From behind her the young man placed his hand against her neck and pressed her forward toward the saddle on the ground.  She sank to her knees and moved over the saddle so that her round soft rump sat prominently in the air. I wanted to see more of her, however, she was now below the wall of flame between us. The young man raised his arm and in his hand he held a riding crop with a wide flat leather paddle on one end.  Her spoke to the woman although inaudible to me I saw the other men nod in agreement. 

With a fast downward movement the riding crop left the back drop of the night sky and plunged down behind the wall of flame. A cry left the woman’s lips that caused my cock to move. He struck her again and again in rhythmic strokes each time causing a cry. Some of the men clapped as the blows came down on the woman. After sometime the man stopped his beating and bent towards the woman’s ear.  He turned and spoke to the man next to him, who in turn did the same until the message reached the man to my right. “You are to beat the woman.” He said without emotion. I looked at him in the eye trying to understand why I should be offered such a treat. The man just nodded as to reaffirm the command.

I lifted myself from the ground and looked over the fire towards the woman. She lay face down over the saddle with her legs parted. The firelight could be seen reflecting on the wetness between her legs and something primal stirred within me.  I walked around the fire with all eyes on me and expectant expression on the men’s faces.  The woman look beautiful from this angle with red welts across her upper back and buttocks.  I was offered the crop by the young man whose face was red and covered with sweat.  He smiled and walked over the woman who was now breathing heavily. He stepped over a log and knelt down in front of the naked woman. His intention was obvious and my role was now clear.  As he lowered his breaches I positioned myself to allow myself the best possible view of my target. I stroked the woman’s skin with the crop lightly and occasionally flicked her wet swollen slit.  The young man’s cock was now buried up to his pubic hair in her mouth. He was holding her whilst she choked and saliva ran down her chin. All awhile the rest of the men remained silent aside from the low grunt of male masturbation. 

My first blow to her rear was shock enough to force the cock from her mouth with a large gasp. Saliva and air flew from her lips and as she went to take a further breath I placed two hard blows, one on each cheek causing her writhe in bodily confusion. As she lay gasping for air I place the handle of the crop against her wet slit and pushed. Her head went back to accept the offering and opened her mouth to take the hard cock in her face. She rocked back and forth, sliding onto the crop handle at one end and riding forward to take the cock in her mouth. It was not long before she started quiver indicating orgasm, a reaction the young man sensed causing him to push further into her mouth more violently.  Finally the cock in her mouth released its load with a shout from the young man in pleasure. I worked the crop handle more vigorously attempting to bring her to orgasm, however, a hand grasped my arm to stop my actions. “She won’t be getting that tonight from you my friend,” said a man with unusually large eyes. “She’s tied to us and will be used as we see fit later.”  I looked around the fire to see many of the men with their stiff cocks in their hands. 

My presence was obviously no longer welcome having provided them with entertainment  “I will bid you goodnight gentlemen and thank you for sharing your sport.”  I turned and walked out of the circle of firelight in search of my bedroll and sleep.


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