Gin & Tonic (a personal note)

Today was one of those days you could do without that’s summed up in two words; no not ex-wife. The Dentist.  I needed a tooth extracted before reconstruction can start to replace it due to damage.  It was actually okay, the dentist is a good guy and for the money it’s costing me, he damn well should be!

Missy returned from work later today, another hard day for her.  This particular day of the week is busy as kids go off to biological father for the night and there’s all the logistics of that to manage. However, my Missy is stressed but she makes sure she knows I’m okay.  Our evening meal is home cooked from the freezer and is soft, so prep is minimal.  So, as I sat talking tour eldest son a hundred miles away on FB, a vision appears with a gin and tonic. Perfectly mixed and lots of ice for a sore mouth.  A gin and tonic, rattling ice against glass, moisture formed on the exterior of the glass. Even before I taste it, I want a second.  Some nuts would be good, however, not a good idea today.

It’s not the grand gestures that keep relationships going, it’s the small things, like G&T served without asking, knowing what will please the other. I admit that I’ve ordered up some further therapy of a different nature later on this evening, but that’s without ice and lemon.  Thank you Missy, I really appreciate your Love and Submission.

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