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For those of you who frequent both this blog and that of my wife, submissy, you will know we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last week.  Last year, being our first, was Paper. This year was Cotton and. I received some nice Shibari cotton rope for future adventures.  I thought it was Wood(?) for 2nd year and as such made a 3ft cane added and old wooden handle, polished it and it was looking fine. It works well too!

I’ve wondered for a while what it would be like to be caned. I admit that although being 6’2″ and 220 pounds, I’m not a lover of pain and would quite happily avoid it, however, there is something about it that interests me, in a dark way.

So, in the interests of adventure, I asked Missy to try her anniversary gift out on me.  Now I should point out that we do not have a switch relationship. Not that I have issue with anyone else’s kink, in fact there’s probably a lot out there I would quite happily try just for kicks.  The reason we don’t switch is because Missy likes being a sub and I like being a Dom; also, Missy would make a very good Domme if she had to be because she has a evil streak. I know it’s there, hiding like a tiger in the long grass. In the early days before D/s when we role played for fun, she adapted very quickly when taking the lead. It’s not her actions, it’s her attitude!  She becomes all, teacher(ish). It’s sexy, but best kept in a pink box with a silk ribbon around it and a dirty great rusty padlock holding it in place, with me holding the key in one hand a gun in the other.  I digress, the cane and me on the receiving end.

I explained to Missy that I would like to know what the cane feels like so that I can have an understanding of the feelings she has under my hand. The fact that I like to be touched and played with has nothing at all to do with it…  There I am face down on the bed wearing nothing but a tentative smile when the cane starts to bounce off my rump in a rhythmic fashion.  It’s quite nice to be honest, just a nice regular tapping. “Would you like it harder Sir?” she asks. I agree that it could be harder.  Mmmm that’s a bit better, just a nip to it, nothing to worry about. Then I hear, “Have you been a good boy Sir?” I laugh out loud as I know I’m being messed with.  I go along with it for the sake a participation.  Fingers start to explore more sensitive areas which adds to the quite pleasant experience.  BOOM! My head explodes in a wave of pain as the cane unexpectedly come down across both cheeks. I attempt to roll over and put a stop to this damn silly idea, but wait, those fingers are exploring again. I relax into the bed, gasping for air, and allow myself a few moments of well deserved pleasure, and why not, I’m a Dom and it’s me usually performing circus acts to induce orgasms from my beautify sub.

This is good, tap, tap, tappaty, tap. It’s harder now and feels quiet good. I’m being asked if I’m okay and do I like being played with….? KA-BOOM!! This time Missy puts her back into it and the pain ricochets around my head and unexpectedly it’s followed by an instant calm. Things are being done to me behind my back that feel great. I’m told it’s my reward for being a good Sir. I’m sleepy and feel heavy, drifting off somewhere. I don’t really want to move and to be honest I could lay here and take a few more. I’m sort of fuzzy in the head and the pain lower down is rather nice in a kinky sort or exciting way.

There’s a knocking somewhere, off in the distance.  It’s the Dom in my head telling me I should call the experiment to an end. A voice in my head calls out, “She might not be enjoying being on top, but she’s good!”  I roll over, smile, thank her and instantly give directions as to how I see this lab test being evaluated. It won’t require any verbal conversation, which is just as well for Missy.

If there were to be a post experiment report, a excerpt would read,” I find that value is to be found being on the receiving end of a new toy, especially where pain is to be induced on the submissive, however, on a personal note this will not extend to very large dildos and speculums!

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  1. This is a really good post. I wonder how many ‘real’ Dom’s would never deepen their understanding of this lifestyle this way because of percieved principles and rigid rules. We tried the same experiment a couple of weeks back with her using hands and a couple of other implements. My rationale was also to experience what the feeling was, so i had some idea of the pain level. I told her she had full access to the toy chest and I expected her to let me feel the full effect. She was very restrained (well, her actions were…. She was not…) I think she did not want to cause me pain and she was watching for a reaction she did not get. . I must confess, it did not do a lot for me. Part of me is probably relieved. I don’t think I was disappointed. It is just another lesson on the journey towards knowing each other. It might have brought out the tiger, but it did not. Perhaps she is more of a lioness, after all.

  2. I was not sure that you would post about this Sir, but I am glad that you did as I enjoyed reading about it from your point of view. It was fun to try and you are right in that I can enjoy playing a role for a while. At the end of the day, I don’t feel it in the way I do being on the bottom. I can play a mean Domme but am feeling every part the submissive as I do it so it doesn’t give me the same kick. I should also point out that any tricks I have learnt have come from yourself. You can’t be on the receiving end and not pick up a trick or two of your own ? Yours, missy xx

  3. My husband tries every implement out on himself, either his forearm or thigh. I might be able to spank him but I would need a lot of direction and encouragement from as it would make me extremely nervous. I commend Missy for learning so well and doing an excellent job. ?

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