“Without followers, evil cannot spread.” (Spock, Star Trek, 1968)


I thought the picture would capture your attention!

I admit that I check the stats of my blog. I’m human and I like feedback, however, negative feedback is always difficult to manage and being British, positive feedback can be equally embarrassing to take!

Of the 39 views of my site this morning only one person made a comment. That’s a lot of views without comment. Why I wonder? Have I written something you don’t particularly like, is it not to your taste, or is it just a waste of a time?

Why not let me know, and others too, otherwise there really is no point in publishing on line. Be honest, give constructive feedback.  If you like it, click on the ‘like’  button if that’s all you can manage, however, if you don’t like it, please tell me. I’m not seeking validation of who  I am, it’s more confirmation that I’m not shouting in the wind!


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  1. If you will take under advisement the words from a veteran of the blogging wars, writing is not about the stats. Comments are great, but for most people reading is something to pass the time and the like button a way to say ‘I was here’. My stats yesterday were 117 views, 59 visitors, 3 likes and 3 comments. One of those comments was mine. I don’t think of stats as being why I blog. I blog because I have something to say through my writing. My only constructive feedback is to answer all comments and keep posting about things that interest you.

    • Your response is a perfect example of investment in blogging. Constructive feedback from those with experience and an opinion. The majority of feedback I’ve received has been extremely supportive and not always chocolates and roses! It’s good to canvas opinion. I take the point that that most people read for enjoyment; you wouldn’t write a letter to the author of a book you had picked up at the airport, unless of course your holiday wasn’t all it was advertised! Your point is taken. Oddly enough my picture of Capt. Kirk and Spock caused more Twitter traffic than the post. Trekkies eh! ?

  2. “yelling down a well…” that’s my preferred metaphor. I like that because at least there’s the echo of my own voice bouncing off the stone. Thanks for the follow and keep blogging.

  3. Writing takes bravery not only on the part of the blogger but also on the part of the commenter. If one has a lot of confidence then that bravery is typically inherent. But for someone like me commenting can be scary. Sometimes I have difficulty articulating my feeling beyond I liked it or I didn’t. I want to feel I am adding something revelant and positive (even it it’s criticism) to the discussion of the post. I often use this acronym to guide my comments: T.H.I.N.K. before you post, is your post/comment…Truthful? Helpful? Impartial (fair)? Needed? Kind (civil)? I don’t think is personally constructive to comment just for the sake of commenting. Also, this comment took me about 30+ minutes to compose and I often just don’t have the time to write what I want to say how I want to say it.

    I do enjoy your writing and Missy’s, thank you both.

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