Pictures of You

Body image is one of the areas that requires training for my Missy. This blog has reminded me of the need to provide greater support to get her to a better place where we can all enjoy shared images of her one day 🙂


Sir just told me that he would like to use some pictures of me on his blog.  Mad panic.  I know I am not meant to tell him no, but I told him no.  I think the submissive in me was shaking in the wardrobe looking for a floor length habit to hide in while the girl with body image issues came to her rescue.  Rescue she did because Sir has cured my body image issues (sort of), so she told him that to have naked(ish) pictures out there of her online would not be a good idea.  She spoke of ‘anyone’ who could just download your pictures and used them for ‘anything’!  With thoughts of dodgy types perving over his pictures of me he muttered a, s’pose so.  Good.  She hadn’t even had to use the whole my-career-would-be-over card.

So that has got me thinking.  Those arguments are true…

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One thought on “Pictures of You

  1. I am sorry that I reacted as I did. I realise my behaviour has been contradictory. Only the other day, I showed you pictures on another blog that had been taken and told you that I loved what they said about how he thought and felt for his partner. I will try harder to submit to you especially when that challenges me. Maybe if this was a colour situation it could just be a yellow? I love you and trust you Sir. missy 💞

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