The Reluctant Dom – Part 1

John lived the first 35 years of his life in blissful ignorance of the needs of others.  He was likeable, had friends and a great partner in the form of his wife Suzy.  He played golf on Sunday mornings and had sex on Saturday nights. His life was complete until Suzy asked him a question early one Sunday morning before he left for the golf course…..

Suzy looked at him and wondered what his reaction would be if she asked him. She had wanted to for a while, ever since they stayed over at her sister’s after a dinner party.

“Why were you looking in my wardrobe Suzy?” Her sister had said, slightly amused.  Suzy had thought that finding some fancy looking whips and heavy duty, leather buckled cuffs was slightly exciting. She found it also exciting that her sister didn’t go mad when she asked her about them; in fact she seemed quite happy about it. “I was looking for a bath robe, it’s where you’ve always kept them when we have stayed before.”  Georgina, (or George) her sister, just smiled and walked to the kitchen table with a mug of coffee in her hand and sat down. Suzy was about to ask more on the subject of the wardrobe’s contents when her sister said, “Floggers, they are called floggers, not whips.”  Suzy walked over and sat opposite her sister. Both their husbands were still asleep having stayed up long after the girls had gone to bed to watch a sports channel.  “Why do you have these ‘floggers’?” She asked, making speech marks in the air with her fingers.  “Well, I like Steve to tie me up and hit me with them across my back and arse.” Suzy looked into her sister’s green eyes to find any sign that this was a joke. There was none, she was telling the truth and that confused Suzy because her sister was rarely serious about anything.  “And how long George has Steve made you do this, I mean, it’s a bit kinky isn’t it?”  Her sister laughed quietly to her self as if Suzy wasn’t even in the room.  “We are kinky Suze, have been for years. Steve is my Dom and I’m his submissive. I thought you would have twigged by now.” Suzy let the last statement slowly move through her head like smoke through the air. She really wanted to say that she hadn’t noticed, however, in truth she didn’t know what a ‘Dom’ or ‘Submissive’ was. She knew that George and Steve were more openly into one and another than her and John. She was concerned that her sister might laugh at her and even at 34 she wasn’t going to allow Georgina to get a cheap laugh at her expense. “You don’t know do you?” Georgina said slowly but seriously.  Suzy eyed her carefully before answering, Georgina was serious again. “No I don’t! She blurted out almost defeated.

For the next 45 minutes and more coffee, Georgina explained the dynamic her and Steve had. Suzy didn’t say a word, she sat and listened  totally captivated like a small child absorbing a fairy story.  When Georgina stopped speaking, Suzy hadn’t noticed. Her brain was trying to keep up with images that her head was now full of.

Her concentration was broken by the sound of claws on a wooden floor as Georgina’s dog made a dash for the stairs as her husband came down.  He was tall, with dark hair and good looking. Suzy didn’t fancy him, she had known him since he was 12 at school and to her he was always just Steve.  However, this morning she couldn’t help thinking what her sister has told her about his Dominant role in the relationship and that her sister gave her self willingly to his desires whenever and however he chose.  She started to feel small butterflies between her legs.  “You can stop thinking about that darling sister.” Georgina whispered in her ear as she walked to passed to kiss her husband good morning. Suzy went bright red and made a hasty exit to the downstairs spare room.  She entered the room to find John snoring loudly with the duvet pulled up revealing his bare legs and the hair around his balls; It wasn’t an attractive sight.  She lent against the wall and closed her eyes.

She could hear her sister laughing with Steve. Was it at her expense she wondered? She pulled the door open ajar to listen just to be sure. Old insecurities were hard to break. “Why are the floggers in the spare room George, they live in the cupboard upstairs?  Did you want Suzy to find them, or was John your target?” said Steve.  Suzy turned and opened the wardrobe to look at the leather pieces.  There were two attached to a wooden clothes hanger by elastic bands. They looked the same at first glance but on further inspection one was slightly longer than the other and the leather strips were wider. Suzy pulled one towards her face, she could smell the leather in the cupboard. It was a warm and sexy smell in bad sort of way.  She glanced over her shoulder to check on John. His snoring had stopped and was now on his front with the white duvet piled up meringue.  Suzy opened her bathrobe and let the cold leather brush her skin. Her nipples popped to attention and she suddenly wanted the feel of leather against the inside of her thighs.  She pulled the flogger down as far as it would go, the elastic band stretching longer and longer. She had to know what it felt like.  With a sudden crack like a starter pistol, the elastic snapped causing the hanger to be propelled up towards the wardrobe shelf with an almighty bang.  Suzy dropped the flogger and slammed the wardrobe door shut with a second large report.  John leapt out of bed in shock and oblivious to his current surroundings.  The sound of a barking dog focussed Suzy’s attention only long enough to wrap her robe around her before Georgina walked in to find John standing naked and confused.  Georgina smiled, “I’ll get my toys later, that’s if you’ve finished looking.” She said with a wink before walking out.  “What’s going on?” Said John. Nothing that would interest you I’m sure, she thought, and grabbed a clean towel for a shower.

Two weeks later sitting there watching John get ready for golf and having spent far too much time trawling the internet for Dominant and Submission articles, she had a question that was burning hot like a coal on a carpet. She had spoken with her sister a number of times to ask questions and although she and Georgina were close, she now felt they shared a secret. It was kind of cool!

“Can I ask you something?” directing her matter of fact tone to John. “Yea sure. Have you seen my waterproof jacket?”  Suzy took deep breath, “John, can you look at me for a moment please?”  He turned and saw that something wasn’t quite right. He walked over to her and sat down, “What’s the matter, are you okay?” He looked worried and this was the last thing she wanted before asking him her burning question. “I’m fine, perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with me, I just wanted to ask you a question and it’s about us.” John looked at her like an expectant dog, eyes moving from side to side examining her face.  “If I said you could do any thing you like to me sexually and I would agree, no matter what, what would say?”  It was evident that John didn’t expect to be asked that. He went to say something twice and stopped himself. Finally he said, “Why?”

Suzy tried to explain the feelings and the thoughts that had been buzzing inside her head for the past two weeks.  After a while she stopped talking and looked at John. He seemed okay, which was good as she had serious concerns he would be freaked out by her revelations.  “Is there anything you want to ask me? she said cautiously.  John opened his mouth to speak but instead a small high pitch laugh came out. He felt shy and embarrassed, very much like a school boy having just held the hand of girl he has always liked but didn’t know why.  Despite the initial rush of emotional feelings, he felt horny, really horny. He liked sex and the feeling of doing it; he liked masterbating and looking at porn from time to time, however, this was different. His wife had just opened a door to a world that he didn’t know really existed, I mean, REALLY existed.  Not fantasy in magazines or porn, this was real and his sister and brother-in-law were evidence of this. Georgina and Steve were having kinky sex, very kinky sex.  He wasn’t sure if it was the thought of Georgina being tied up and spanked as his wife described or the fact that he was being offered the chance to do this to Suzy. “Is there anything you want to ask me John?”  he heard Suzy say again. “Errrr, not just yet no, thanks.” he heard himself say. “Actually, yes there is one thing. Can we talk about this later, I have a tee off time for 9am.

Suzy watched John grab his golf clubs from under the stairs and ricochet off every painted surface before falling out of the front door. Suzy smiled, she had never seen John react that way before; she had made an impact. Now all she had to do, according to the world wide web, was give him space and see what happens. He had better hurry up she thought, there was so much she wanted to try!

John’s game of golf was terrible. By the 9th hole he was ready to call it a day, his mind was certainly not on the ball.  He finished the game just to be polite to his partner who could see there wasn’t much competition. “Everything alright John, you seem distracted.” said his partner as they walked to the bar. “Yes, fine thanks, just didn’t sleep very well last night.” His partner poked him in the ribs, “Lady wife keeping you awake is she?” John smiled back and nodded. If only he knew thought John, if only he knew!

The drive back home allowed John to run a few questions past himself before seeing Suzy. First question was; what happens now? He didn’t get past the first question, even that was too complicated. By the time he arrived home his head was numb from the constant static inside his skull. It buzzed like an old radio with no station to lock on to. He climbed out of the car, a little tired from the all the additional walking he had done that morning. It was almost 1pm and had started to rain a little. The house looked different for some reason, and then he noticed why. The curtains in their bedroom were closed and they were open when he went out earlier.  Maybe Suzy was naked laying on their bed waiting for him! That would be a welcome change. He dismissed the idea on purpose whilst trying to convince himself that the more he did that, there would be a greater chance she was truly naked on the bed.  “Hi I’m home.” He called out as he shut the front door.  There was a pink post-it note stuck to the hallway door. “Follow me.” It said.  John moved towards the kitchen and saw another note on the stairs. This one was blank, however, he spied another on the stairway wall.  What was Suzy up to he thought?  The bedroom door was closed but he could hear music.  For some strange reason he knocked on the door.  There was no reply, so turning the cold handle he pushed the door open slowly.  What he saw before him made his cock jump and his pulse rate climb.

Suzy had been waiting for what seemed ages for John to come home. She had arranged the bedroom just so and had moved one of the dining room high back chairs into the bedroom. The curtains were drawn and the lights low. She found some music that sounded slow and sexy which put her at ease. She was slightly nervous that she was making a mistake. What if John ran a mile after seeing her bent over the chair completely naked except for small white socks and trainers?  She heard the car door in the drive and moved to the chair. She wanted to pee, not good; or was it! She dismissed the bad thought, spread her legs and bent at the waist over the chair. The only thing out of place was a pink post-it note on the seat below her with some key words written on it.

“Hello Master, I’ve been a very bad girl and I need to be spanked to stop me from being naughty again.”  John didn’t know what to say. The sight of Suzy’s arse in the air and the pink folds between her legs just made him want to fuck her. “Will you spank me Master?” he heard again. “Err, I’ve never spanked a big girl before.” he said in a sort of serious John voice.  Suzy tried not to laugh, he was obviously uncomfortable. “Maybe you would like to touch my soft cheeks first Master?”  John moved over to where Suzy was stradelled and placed a hand on her round soft arse. He saw her breathe in as he did so and gave her a little squeeze. It felt nice as he moved his hand around and down her thigh. “Spank me Master.” she sighed.  A sting of pain went through Suzy without warning like an electric shock. Her eyes watered and her breathing became rapid. It was nice, she felt alive!  “Again please Master” she muttered.  Another bolt of pain went through her, and then something unexpected. She felt John’s fingers exploring between her legs and pushing into her now very wet slit. “What are you doing Master?” she cooed.  A voice from behind that sounded very much like John, but stronger said, “I’m going to fuck you shortly, very hard.”  Suzy almost came just hearing the threat, this was fantastic and it was about to get much better.

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  1. Love this!! As the Dom and the one who has instigated the dynamic it feels as if I’ve completely stuffed it. I keep reading how the sub loves it and does everything to develop mmmmm how to get it right

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