A2Z Challenge – Q is for Quill

In the real old days when they wrote, They used a quill to write the note. Dipped in the ink so dark, On the paper made a mark. In the

A2Z Challenge – P is for Pervert

Pervert:a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable. synonyms: deviant, degenerate, debauchee, perverted person, depraved person; Let's be clear, I am a pervert of sorts.  I disagree

A2Z Challenge – O is for Oh for Fucks Sake!

I have spent a lot of time travelling long distances with a colleague who has lots of opinions he likes to share with me.  Quite often he has asked me

A2Z Challenge – N is for Nudity

Standing in front of the mirror naked does not bother me. I see potential, albeit somewhat late to become the next cover for Mens Health magazine.  Once, a long time

A2Z Challenge – M is for Mouth

My cock in missy's mouth enters a magical world.  I never know what is going to happen on each venture. Sometimes it is a gentle tour around the tongue.  A

Letter to Myself

"Write a letter to your first love…or to your younger self at that time. What did you take away from that relationship? What do you remember? Are your memories happy,

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