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There are people of various genders who have the role of dominant in their relationship, and find it something that is naturally a good fit. Equally there are many that

Read All About It (Part 2)

'Read All About It'  brings you an insight into the what the media are saying about sex and relationships.  Whilst I tend to think some of what is printed is

That Was The Week That Was

TW-TW-TW started out as a scribble on the back on an envelope which soon became too full and too incriminating to have lying around!  My scribbles were my own and

Read All About It!

'Read All About It'  brings you an insight into the what the media are saying about sex and relationships.  Whilst I tend to think some of what is printed is

Don’t Tell Tales Out Of Schooll

When the email arrived in his inbox offering parent tuition to support students in their homework, his immediate reaction was to just delete it; and so he did - 'click'

Beyond Sight And Sound

It wasn’t always like this, the darkness and the silence.  There was a time when his world was full of sound and vivid colours, all of which were taken for

Fantasy Raffle

10 – Write me a fantasy to carry me away to an erotic land!  This is something that we tried last year in the D/s advent calendar for 2017 and

Merry F*%$?@ Christmas

A number of you who are cross-followers of both myself and missy will know that we have been running our own private (or not) Advent calendar  for each other.  Although

Top Sex Blogger Awards 2018

It is with great pleasure that I list the winners of the Top Sex Blogger Awards 2018 as voted by Molly Moore.  Please check out the full winner's blogs if you

Marriage Guidance

Could D/s Be The Replacment For Marriage Guidance?

Could D/s be the replacement for Marriage Guidance? (MG)  I'm aware that is both a bold and broad brush question, however, just bear with me a moment. My marriage to


Why would you?

"Why would you like to watch me suck anothes man's cock? Missy asked me the other day.  This wasn't some random question she decided to throw in, we had been

10TH Century Spanking


I can't remember the first time I formerly spanked missy.  I don't mean formally as in sending an invitation with an RSVP, I meant more spanking with an emphasis on

Not All Men?

I read with great interest a blog post entitled 'Men Should STFU.'  In fact it wasn't just interest, it prompted a great deal of personal reflection.  I do encourage you

She’s A Kinda’ Mover

There is one thing that turns me on about Missy that can be shared in public and that is her youthful energy when dancing.  She really does dance like no

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