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HL is the co-founder of the and the solitary award-winning blog  A part time and indiscriminate user of words, HL exists in a kinky literary world of few men, and gathers inspiration in his writing from his youth, interests and environment.  His sometimes self-critical reflective and fictional writing comes from his D/s relationship with Submissy(.com) where his continual struggle to be an effective Dom produces unquenchable subject matter. Although not knowing one end of a camera from the other, probability produces a few pictures that he admits he is proud of.  Read More


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The SafeworD/s Club is an online community for Dominant and submissive couples, hosted by HisLordship an missy.

Please pay a visit to our chat rooms and forums where you can meet and make friends, ask questions and learn from the experiences of others.

We also have a blog with a range of posts on D/s if you are looking for information.

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Tell Me About … is a fortnightly writing prompt, designed to promote writing on topics relevant to Dominance and submission.

Hosted by The SafeworD/s Club, we hope to share and learn by creating a resource which is a collection of relevant writing from individual blogs.

You may wish to visit as a reader looking for writers who are sharing experiences you can relate to, but we really hope that you will be encouraged to share your own views, ideas and thoughts with us here.

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