Over the years missy and I have tried numerous rituals.  Most of them have fallen by the wayside, mainly due to the fact they either were not practical, or, in

The Red Assassin

The morning mist still clung to the hills and spilled down to the lake. The sun was rising and as the chill started to depart from the air, he shivered.

Two Songs For Emily

  WARNING - Post contains fictional references to Rape and War Crimes during WWII  THE COURTYARD She always assumed that when the time came a cigarette would be offered and

Friends – TMA

I don't have any close friends living near me, in fact I don't have anyone I could call a close friend within 150 miles of my home location.  My closest

The Hot Octopuss JETT

I am no stranger when it comes to using, and reviewing Hot Octopuss products.  I like their people and I like their kit.  They produce well thought out, well designed

Angry Voice

If he had been at home he would have heard the front door slam with the effect of a gunshot, and through the broken glass panel the sound of an

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